The Descending Divine Energy

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We have been told again and again that the Life Force or Kundalini, when released from its old patterns of instinctive animal expressions such as the urge for sex, the urge to over eat, or even to grab as much of the worldly treasure as we can and hold onto it, rises up the trunk awakening other centers until it reaches the top of the head. But that is only half the truth, for the rising energy rises from the roots of your being and there is a downflow from the future that reshapes us, it has been called. “The Woman Clothed With The Sun”. It is about your inner intuitive female reaching beyond our known self.

Example: As I did so the colours got lighter and lighter. It felt as if something was going faster and faster. Yes, kaleidoscopic patterns were moving and changing faster, speeding up and getting lighter. First of all just colour, movement and intensity, then it burst into a direct awareness of energy in my being vibrating faster and faster. I could feel it moving upwards each side of my spine, actually vibrating. It got more and more intense until suddenly it felt like the energy had cleared all its pathways and was vibrating at tremendous speed without barriers. It was an incredible experience yet at the same time not at all strange.

Example: Then the landscape changes. There are trees, plants and animals in brilliant colour. I wonder what this means, and the landscape begins to spin until the colours blend and shimmer. Suddenly my body seems to open to them, as if they are spinning inside of me, and with a most glorious feeling, a sensation of vibrating energy pours up my trunk to my head.

But because we are all dual creatures and so live in a dual world, ‘upwards’ is always balanced with ‘downwards’. Even our brain has two halves with different functions which balance each other. We as human beings are deeply involved in such duality and often are lost in struggles to balance it – it is sex, female and male.

So the downward flow of the Life Energy is as important as the upward flow, but is generally overlooked. Strange because it is firmly rooted in Western culture.

Snake Bird3 Matthew 3:16: “And Jesus, when He was baptized, went up straightway out of the water; and lo, the heavens were opened unto Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting upon Him; and lo a voice from heaven saying: This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”Both the rising and the descending are shown in the quote, “… when He was baptised, went up straightway out of the water.” He was down in the water and so rose up out of it. Then came the descent of the dove.

The quote is lost in symbolism, but because patterns are repeated in all levels of life we can see the same in plant life. In a seed its energy is latent until placed in the right conditions where its potential can express. Then from a fundamental place it first roots into its source of nourishment, in the human seed into the wall of the womb through it roots/placenta. Then it unfolds upwards and eventually seeks another source of energy to complement its potential which it has gathered from the past gathered as its food store or energy held in the seed, and from all its forebears/previous growths. No plant or tree grows from a dead seed, and each living seed carries within it all its gathered experience.

But that is its past, its spotential, but to grow it needs the energy it receives from the sun, the descending energy, enabling it to gather new experience and hold in any seeds it produces. That is plant growth, here is an example of human geowth.

Example: I began to realise, or be shown, in my inner world, what had happened. My past practice to grow had unbalanced my Sun and Moon. My moon that had predominated. This was the Life Energy I had released in a past session, the vegetative God of the moon. That is, one aspect of the one Life expressing through evolution – expressing from deep within matter and the body. This is like the energy locked in a seed which grows it until it reaches up above earth. I could see why Reich called his method vegetotherapy – because the energy released was that bound up in the vegetative system of our body, in our emotions, muscles, sexual organs and glands. And although I had released this to a fair degree, I had hardly touched my Life of the Sun god or released it. This was the descending power of Light.

What had been a conflict now resolved itself. I had been polarised in the negative side of the Life energy. The cold, inward, in drawn, lethargic, inactive aspect. I must now open to my positive, outgoing, hot, digestive, fiery Life. This I did, and the Sun was on top of my head, and the Moon at the base of my spine. For a while they were separate, but then I knew them as one Life expressing into ways, and my Sun and Moon merged. Now I could surrender to the one united Life.

While we sleep our conscious self is largely or totally unconscious, and while we sleep and dream our voluntary muscles are paralysed – therefore another will or motivating force moves our body. So we have a Conscious Will, and what I will call a Life Will. The first one we have experience of as we can move our arm or speak in everyday activities; but the second will takes over when we sleep. See Sleep Paralysis

This Life will can cause us to spontaneously speak, to move our body, and in fact do things that we cannot do with our Conscious Will, all that while we sleep and dream. The duality of our two wills can work together to move the conscious personality to greater balance. See Self-Regulation – Homeostasis

The next is a man’s experience during a session in which he surrendering his whole self to the life force. I understand such experiences to be the way our being works, again within its duality, as a self regulating process. I define it as follows:

Example: Gradually the moans subsided after my body had twisted and shook and struggled, crying out in the struggle. The moans stopped. A slow dance began in which my fire of life lifted up and the divine fire descended into my being.

And now a very graphic dream of the downflowing energy.

This morning I dreamt I was in a house. I believe other people were in it too. From beyond sight in the sky a thin crystal clear column descended into the house. It looked like water but it had the consistency of a gel. Also it did not flow down in a torrent as water would, but flowed slowly downward into the house. I felt it was the descent of some special influence or substance coming from dimension beyond our own, and connected with non physical beings. It was about three inches across and I stood underneath it at one point.

As I stood there the gel slowly covered me and I felt that when I was completely covered I need not breathe. I guess this was rather like being in the womb. I wanted to share this experience with other people so I imagined them standing under the column.

Then I became slightly lucid and for ages existed in a condition in which I experienced being in a wonderful condition of peace, receiving the down flow of influence of the column of gel.

On using the method of identifying with the column and ither if the dream images, the man experienced the following:

I am a column that is flowing from way, way beyond here. My feeling is that in identifying with the column and touching this huge stillness. It seems as if it is trying to tell me something. But it is difficult for it to get the words. But eventually the words came, the words formed themselves in my mouth. They did not flow from my head as usual, but from deep in my body, thus the difficult for it to form the words:

“I met life in you.”

There was again a struggle to say something here but it did not come out clearly.

“I am a flow. I am like anything that moves. I can give. I can love. I can touch. I am touching life in you. I touch – like that! I am touching your life. I am giving love.”

So, I am saying to life, “Flow into me. Be me. What the hell is my life worth anyway – I give it to you. It is yours. Have it! What is our everyday life anyway? We eat, with sleep, we work at tasks that are probably quite meaningless in the big picture, we have sex, and what is the point of all that? I would sooner my life was part of the meaningful whole. Here I am.”

Now a most extraordinary thing happened. I experience feelings of being made love to, but not through the genitals, but through my head right the way through my being down into my genitals. For a long time it felt as if I didn’t need to breathe, and in fact I seemed to exist without breathing for quite a long time. There was a feeling of tremendous quietness. Inside something gently moving through the openness in my head down my being, flowing to my genitals. Once there it was like it opened something. It changed something. Then, gradually, that influence of change started moving up my being. I could feel it particularly touch and change things in places like my solar plexus and my heart. When it reached my throat I could feel it tickling and opening something there. It really felt painful as it went through these places, particularly as it reached into my head. It wasn’t a physical pain, but it felt as if something deep inside me was being stretched and opened, and that stretching was painful at a subtle level. I cried out in the pain. I wept. I cried out in pleasure – the mixture of pleasure and pain, just as if I were being made love to in a wonderful and delicate and yet painful way. As it touched and passed through my head I cried out, “Why? Why?”

Then it said, “It is finished. I love you.”


Sri Aurobindo was one of the great explorers of the inner world of humans. His writings are prolific, but his thought and work are masterfully expressed in a smaller format by Satprem in the book Sri Aurobindo – The Adventure of Consciousness. It is well worth reading, but here is a quote that spells out the descending Divine Force.

In Aurobindo’s own words, “When the Peace is established, this higher or Divine Force from above can descend and work in us. It descends usually first into the head and liberates inner mind centres, then into the heart centre, then into the navel and other vital centres, them into the sacral region and below. It works at the same time for perfection as well as liberation. It takes up the whole nature part by part and deals with it, rejecting what has to be rejected, sublimating what has to be sublimated, creating what has to be created. It integrates, harmonizes, establishes a new rhythm in the nature.”

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