Be Your Own Dream Interpreter

Be Your Own Dream Interpreter

This colourful and delightful book has one of the best introductions to dreams and understanding them – along with How To Do It. Oh yes, it also has a full dictionary of dream symbols.

Its is available now from Amazon in the UK in USA and also in Australia – Brazil – Canada – France – Espana – India – Italy – Japan – Mexico – Netherlands through Amazon

Here is a tiny peep into the book:

Research into dreaming has shown that each of us dreams about four or five times each night. While we dream, our voluntary muscles no longer respond to our attempts to move, and our eyes move rapidly under closed eyelids. Our muscles are paralyzed in this way because if they were not, we would actually run around or act out what we are dreaming. Animals in which the brain area that blocks such impulses has been damaged do live out their dream in movement, practicing hunting or survival tactics. So we see that dreaming extends your range of experience to the point where you double or treble your experiential life span; while dreaming, it is as if you are living what is being dreamt.

This ability of the mind to play with experience or information, to rearrange it and try it in different guises, as one does in dreaming, is fundamental to the creativity and functioning of human life. Dreams reveal to you what you fail to see about yourself while awake. They show the directions you are taking in life and unveil things that lie beyond the boundaries of your five senses. But their information is sometimes obscured in apparently strange drama or feelings. Using the techniques presented within the following pages will enable you to gain insights that can transform the way you live, allowing you to release old tensions and hurts.

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