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When something as strange as a striking coincidence happens to you, or someone near you, it confronts you with the inexplicable. There are usually no visible links between the event and your environment. A powerful coincidence often gives you no rational clues either, unless perhaps you look beyond logical thought. Therefore a radical coincidence is a doorway for one’s mind and heart to move beyond limiting attitudes and beliefs. The chapters following will bring the inexplicable closer to you, so you can look at it, hold it, and wonder at it. Then you will be led to see that perhaps there are faint pathways in the strangeness of coincidence.

Here is an interesting coincidence from the book.

Animals appear to live to a much greater degree from this intuitive awareness than we do. This is why they interact with us synchronously in the way they do. This is obvious in the case that appeared in the San Francisco Call-Bulletin. Welcome Lewis travelled to San Francisco from Los Angeles with her boxer dog.

As she was staying in a hotel she decided to take her dog to Lafayette Park for a walk. She found a place to leave her car alongside the park, but her dog completely refused to get out of the car. He was agitated and kept barking. So after a few minutes Welcome got back into the car and drove back to the hotel, where the dog got out without any fuss. The next day Welcome drove past the park, and noticed that a huge tree had come down, smashing a car exactly where she had parked on the previous day. Fascinated, she made enquiries and discovered the tree had fallen minutes after she had driven away.

Animals are part of eternity

When looking at our coincidental link with animals, this collective awareness is important to remember. Sometimes this awareness even transcends a given lifetime. One of the most astonishing coincidences that I have come across concerning an animal illustrates this. Greg[i] was driving with his family and dachshund dog across an area of the US he had never been before. They were passing through farming country, it was fine, and the dog had its nose out of the window sampling the new smells. Suddenly the dog became agitated and leapt out of the window of the moving car. It recovered from the fall and rolling, and ran headlong across a field toward a farmhouse. Greg stopped the car and immediately chased after it wondering what was going on, as the dog had never before done such a thing. On arriving at the farmhouse he found his dog, still excited, trying to get into an outbuilding. He explained as best he could to the woman owner of the farm, Kath, why he was there, and she opened the door to the barn. The dog immediately ran to a ladder leading to a hayloft. Despite its shape, the dachshund climbed the ladder, and whining, ran around the loft sniffing and searching. Then, having searched it became quiet and from there on was normal again.

Kath, having witnessed this, told Greg a strange story. Some years before, her son had owned a farm dog, a bitch, whom he loved. He had trained the bitch to climb the ladder in the outbuilding, because it was fun to see her running up and down. One cold winter when she had her first litter of pups, the place she chose to give birth was up in the hayloft. Perhaps she felt it was a safe place for them to be. Shortly afterwards a phone call came reporting an emergency with a family member. Kath was upset, her son was away, and she rushed out of the house, only realising later that the dog was locked in the house and couldn’t get to her pups. When Kath got home three days later and opened the door, the dog streaked out of the house to the barn to feed its pups. It was so frantic that it fell from near the top of the ladder because of the ice, and died from the fall. What Kath felt that she and Greg had witnessed was the return of that mother to satisfy a frustrated need to find its pups. Even death did not end that love.

[i] False name given by author.

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