21 Reasons Why Dream Interpretation is Essential

I found this on my hard disk, and was shown it was by Christina Sponias . So thank you dear thinker for this.

How to properly interpret the meaning of your own dreams is essential for many reasons. Here I’m going to present a few of them, just to give you an idea of its potential.

1. Your dreams are not meaningless images. In your dreams you receive many messages. Therefore, you must learn how to understand them. Perhaps they can save your life!

2. Your dreams are your own; nobody else can see or distort them. You are the sole owner of this resource and the messages you receive are given only to you and created especially for you and nobody else. Each one sees different dreams with situations and personalities that are familiar to them, even if the themes of many dreams are the same. Thus, your dreams contain private messages.

3. You see dreams every time you sleep, without asking or paying for them. They are a gift you receive from the wise unconscious mind.

4. I continued Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the psyche through dream interpretation. If you translate your dreams using my simplified version of Carl Jung’s method, you will receive information and guidance regarding the most important points of your life from the ancient, saintly and perfect unconscious mind that regulates the functioning of your body. This information is not from a human source with dubitable knowledge or from someone who could distort this knowledge on purpose for selfish reasons.

5. After learning how to correctly interpret your dreams, you will have this knowledge forever and will be able to interpret your dreams all you life. This means that you will have guidance and help forever from the unconscious.

6. You will develop your intelligence by developing your conscience from the guidance in your dreams. This way, you will always be more intelligent until you become a genius, able to solve any problem with ease.

7. You will be able to interpret the facts and events of daily life in the same way you interpret your dreams. Everything around you can inform you about yourself, other people and the future if you know how to translate the symbolic meaning of reality just as you translate that of dreams.

8. You will be able to change the future after predicting its development and correcting your mistakes. Everything that happens to you is strictly related to your personality and behavior. You can rectify errors and prepare the future you desire, with the positive results you wish to see.

9. The mysterious language used by the unconscious mind is incomprehensible to the conscience because of the presence of the anti-conscious, in addition to your conscious. The anti-conscious constantly tries to destroy your conscious mind through craziness and it would distort the guidance of avoiding the traps of the anti-conscious and staying far from the labyrinth of craziness.

10. If you never learn how to interpret your dreams, you will never completely develop your conscious mind and live threatened by the crazy content inherent in the anti-conscious. This has not transformed via consciousness and it wishes to destroy the conscious to make you insane. This is the worse danger of your life, since you will never be cured of insanity unless you pass through a thousand crucifixions.

11. By interpreting your dreams, you can prevent depression, neurosis, hysteria, psychosis, schizophrenia, suicidal tendencies and all existent mental illnesses. All these diseases are caused by the anti-conscience that can be transformed into a positive part of your psyche, instead of constantly bearing this enemy within you because it constantly tries to destroy your conscience through craziness.

12. You will also be cured from several diseases in your body by interpreting your dreams. All somatic diseases have a psychological cause because everything that happens to you depends on your attitude.

13. You can communicate with the unconscious and be able to ask whatever you wish to learn. You would receive answers to your questions from this source that is actually the wisest existent source in our world and even beyond our world.

14. You will discover proofs of the existence of God, who regulates the functioning of the unconscious and is responsible for the world’s artistic, philosophical and religious actions. You will understand that you are blessed since you are in contact with the wisdom of the creator of our planet. You will realize that Earth is really a place where you have to transform your psyche, so that you may be calm and able to live happily, without provoking wars and destruction.

15. You’ll be able to understand how other people think, feel and sense, analyzing their personalities in your dreams just as you analyze your own. This information you receive is priceless and unique. This way you’ll be able to understand everyone’s personalities and how to behave with them. You can avoid relationships with people who have a psychological type different to yours and who will never be able to understand you. You will safely find the right person for you, etc.

16. You will always receive advice and be prepared when something very important is going to happen. You will not face reality with complete ignorance of everything, such as you do now.

17. You can discover many things helped by the unconscious, finding solutions for your work, daily life and everything else that interests you, thanks to the guidance from a valid and positive resource that will surely help you and the world you live in. This is a resource that cares for all of humanity. It’s not a product of your ego or of anyone else’s ego.

18. You’ll discover a fascinating occupation, which is better than the Internet or any game, since you will decipher the hidden meaning of your own dreams. You will translate the exact meaning of the mysterious messages. This is like putting together the pieces of a huge puzzle that leads you to another window of knowledge and other levels of comprehension.

19. You can become a genius and predict your future and understand the personalities of people around you and how to protect yourself or succeed in your plans. All this vision and knowledge together will transform you into a very wise person with a very strong personality. When you reach this level (can be achieved after one year of dream interpretation, depending on your efforts) your reality will have another meaning for you because you won’t be ignorant like others. You will understand your responsibility for being wiser than others and your work in this world will certainly transform at least a small fraction of the population, so that everyone else may reach the same level of comprehension.

You’ll understand that you have the obligation to show everyone all that you know because you’ll see how ignorant everyone is and why everyone here suffers so much. You’ll become a hero and your work will be blessed. You will save not only the people who live around you but also many others from other countries. If your work is worthy, even if you live in the last mountain of the most deserted village in this world, your work will be learned by the entire world and will save the entire population. Perhaps today you cannot believe you are so special, but don’t underestimate your own capacities because when you become a genius you will see that you can do many things to help this world become a place where everyone is happy like you.

20. You won’t be afraid of anything, because you’ll have knowledge and peace. This is something you cannot assess now as you are so ignorant, your mind is so confused and you are tortured by so many problems without solutions in your daily life.

21. You’ll be truly happy and your life will have a very important positive meaning for all. You’ll always be remembered and blessed, but the important thing is that your work will really help this world become better. You will not waste your time while you are alive and you’ll leave your spirit of wisdom as a gift to others even after you are gone because your exemplary work will save many generations after yours.

Please see: Peer Dream Work – It is the best I have, after 50 years of exploring them


-Tony Crisp 2011-06-13 8:50:33

Mistye – Such a huge snake is the power of Life inside you. You feel it as a threat because you do not know how to relate to the very forces that keep you alive, give you existence and support you. The breathlessness is due to anxiety about being taken over. Recently I wrote the following to explain.

When you sleep and dream your voluntary muscles are switched off. This can mean that any dream activity that not only originates the spontaneous images of dreams, but also gives rise to all the muscular impulses that are part of the dream movements, so it would seem to you that an alien force or being has taken over. In other words because it is spontaneous, and because we do not believe that anything other than you can originate movement, it feels as if something other than you has taken over.

Also dreams arise from a very deep part of us, the Core, from which all the impulses of existing, growing and surviving originate. Even when you are awake such processes control you – for instance your breathing is only partly under your control, but all the vital things are purely unconscious and you are thereby controlled all the time. Try holding your breath and see how strongly you are possessed by Life itself.

But of course you are used to those everyday massive controls. However, sometimes our Core wishes to make us move, to control our movement, usually in sleep, but sometimes while awake. These movements are in fact as natural as the urge to breathe, but because in our culture we are so out of touch with how life works we are often terrified of spontaneous movements. Such movement are about growth of some part of us that we have not allowed before. If we can allow these and not react fearfully, then we will be shown the wonders of our life and how it originated – what is usually called the unconscious. For a fuller description see http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/the-lifestream/.


-Tony Crisp 2011-06-13 8:19:05

Ria – Thank you for your warmth and the information about Christina Sponias. I looked at the link and realised I had read it before, but did not realise the connection.

In reading it again I couldn’t help seeing a connection between her ideas and this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Prayer-and-Dream-Interpretation-ebook/dp/B0050CBY8A/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&m=A3TVV12T0I6NSM&s=digital-text&qid=1307952965&sr=1-10

Once more, thank you for your good wishes. I feel certain they are an influence in my endeavours.


-Kat 2011-04-18 22:19:39

Hi, I want to know why interpreting your dreams will help you prevent being mentally and physically ill.

    -Tony Crisp 2011-04-27 12:59:59

    Kat – I do not think that interpreting ones dreams will help prevent mental and physical illness. Interpretation is only a thinking thing, and you need to dig a bit deeper to actually uncover and change the causes of illness.

    To find real healing you have to be capable or meeting great emotions and exploring the inner world. Also you need too live your dream sometimes while awake. That means gradually undoing all the knots tied inside you, and meeting yourself quite fully.

    To give an example, here is a dream and how it was to explore it, not interpret it.

    Dreamt Pete was in my father’s shop in London. Someone had shot him in the bicep and I was trying to help him. I had a small box on the counter and there was fluid or blood in it, and I put the hurt muscle in it hoping to heal it. When the gunshot flesh was in the blood the blood bubbled and effervesced, becoming hot. I felt the flesh would not be of any use now, but wasn’t sure. In the end though I was considering cleaning away the injured flesh from the arm (left I think). All I could see were the sinews with a small amount of flesh on them – no muscle in between. But I began to feel that gradually new cells might grow and develop into a new muscle – granulate.

    Now here is how it was for the person to experience it.

    As soon as I thought of Pete realisation after realisation began to pour into my mind, and I saw I had found the right key.

    I realised I had met Pete on a walk a few days before and heard him shouting out about, “The Lord Jesus Christ,” in a mocking voice. I was in a wood with my children and stood still waiting for Pete and his friends to pass by – Pete being outside of the wood in a field. As I was entering into these feelings from the dream point of view I realised I avoided Pete because of pride. I hadn’t wished to be associated with Pete. Pete, who had a lovely daughter but who had failed at marriage; was a good musician but had failed to do anything with his skill; started businesses but failed at working for himself – failed. Pete, I felt was a failure.

    Suddenly I realised with shock that I had tried to avoid meeting Pete because pride was my defence against my own failure. I was hiding away from my own sense of failure.

    But Pete had actually come into the wood so we met, and I saw he was keenly ‘chasing’ a young French woman, Katerine.

    My wife came up and I explained this, and the talking helped it flow tremendously. Pete, who failed at marriage but was chasing after young girls, as I had seen him chasing Katerine. Yes, no wonder I didn’t want to associate with that part of me, who couldn’t make it in marriage but chased young women. Pete was living out all the things in me that I despised and tried to keep hidden, even from myself. But now they were out in the open and it was painful.

    Then a whole mass more came. I saw Katerine as a little pro who was holding herself back, but wanted to wag her fanny everywhere.

    Pete, the one who was in battle with his father and who constantly fought authority tooth and nail. He had got to make it alone to prove how much better he was then father/authority. What a waste, when one could have worked together to accomplish more. Conflict wastes so much effort due to the countless retreats.

    Now it was coming thick and fast so I went down to my wife in the kitchen as it was so helpful to talk.

    Yes, it was my father. The shop was the important point in the dream. It was in that shop our conflict had come to a head. It had been there always. The thing already seen about how he used to show me his school books. He didn’t praise what I did, just showed me how good his work was, how neat, how few blots. But in the shop he had set my pattern of behaviour, stamped it out. Because I had got no praise or support from him – my symbol of authority – I had pulled away and gone on along a path of life that he had no understanding of. I went on to Brenda about how I had stacked the potatoes in the shop for him as well as I could, but never a word of encouragement – always wrong.

    What a fucking waste. He was so desperate for success himself he was trying to squeeze out a few drops from me too for the sake of his pride, to prove to England how much better he was. He was still fighting the battle of the school room, because he was too scared to punch the kids on the nose, so he wanted me to be a success to prove his own value. So from then on I was in conflict with him, trying to prove how good I was, how much better than him, never able to co-operate at school, and work, or in my marriage. I had to keep on at my wife over nothing to prove how good we were. What I did for him was never good enough, never enough. What would get a word of praise? What would suffice? I didn’t understand what he wanted of me. So I kept on at my kids like he kept on at me. Trying to attain the unobtainable instead of a little warmth and love. Dad, you fucking killed me right back then.

    I sobbed uncontrollable with the pain of experiencing it.

    What a waste. My schooling ruled by rebellion because I had to make it alone and “differently” not co-operatively. Anything to fight authority, and I had to fail too, even in my efforts to achieve, because if I succeeded dad would fall to pieces, feeling what a failure he was as a man and a father. I needed a Dad so I dared not succeed. I had to fail if I wanted love. And the reverse side of conflict with authority was the cringing underhand crawling to gain love and approval.

    The damage to the bicep, to flesh was the whole area of my life that I was trying to save and heal, but which I needed to let go of, and wait for the new muscle tissue to grow. How does start again at 40? Is it with patience to let the new tissues and strength grow?

    My left arm is my support system, my confidence to do things in the world. I am right handed so do things with my right hand, but support everything with my left – hold the paper as I write; hold the nail as I bang it in with my right. So the damage to the muscle was the injury to my supportive confidence through my relationship with my father. As all this was felt I sobbed uncontrollably. I wept for the lost years, the wasted years of my youth. I was convulsed with the pain of not having been loved by my father. Tears fell from me for the failure of my life. I would never have believed one could feel so much pain about something missing in ones life. I had always thought to feel that much pain you would have needed to be beaten or abused in childhood. My father was kind, but he showed no warmth. And that was as bad as being beaten, perhaps worse. I had been severely beaten at school, but it hadn’t scarred me like this.

    That one dream changed the man’s life and started him not fighting authority. I was also the first step to stop being such a bully with his children and to deal with his depression.

    And here is how it can heal physical difficulties. I could give you a lot more examples but this one will do. It came from learning to dream while awake.

    Also, for some time I have been experiencing an extremely stiffen lower back. This is not a new problem but it had become very intense. Sometimes it took me half an hour in the morning to stand up straight. Yesterday when I got out of bed it was difficult to stand up properly. So as I used LifeStream and I asked for help with this problem, and for healing. A series of movements followed that I had never done before. It is difficult to describe the movements, but it was like a cowering down and at the same time bending to the left and twisting one’s trunk sideways and up. Then the same thing happened to the right. The sense I had of it was that my lower vertebrae were being opened sideways and twisting. Anyway, the pain of my lower back was immediately relieved, and this morning when I got out of bed there was no stiffness whatsoever. So I am continuing the movements. How wonderful that this sort of healing can occur, when so many people resort to painkillers to deal with such things.

    See http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/the-lifestream/ and http://dreamhawk.com/body-and-mind/peoples-experiences-of-lifestream/


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