Dreams of Death and Beyond

A collection of features looking at death. Chapters include dreams of death; near death experiences; can we prepare for death; is there life after death; and a mass of information about peoples experience of death and dying. The chapter of Levels of Awareness is an extraordinary insight into life and death; and the most complete and incisive: Rudolph Steiner’s Philosophy of Life and Death.

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Chapters of the book

1 – Death and Beyond

2 – Seeing the Dead

3 – Experimenting with Death

4 – Life in the Unseen World

5 – Piercing the Veil

6 – Death in Dreams and in Life

7 – Dreaming of Death

8 – Death and Dreams Seen from Eastern Traditions

9 – Near Death Experiences

10 – The Archetype of Death

11 – Is There Life After Death

12 – Can We Prepare for Death

13 – Levels of Awareness in Waking and Death

14 – Rudolph Steiner’s Philosophy of Life and Death

An excerpt from the book

Dr Melvyn Morse specialises in the care of young children. Katie, a young girl, had been found floating face down in a YMCA swimming pool was brought to Dr Morse apparently dead. A CAT scan revealed that her brain was abnormally swollen. If not dead, she was certainly in a deep coma, and was placed on a machine that breathed for her.

In his book Closer to the Light, Dr. Morse describes how Katie made a full recovery, and because he had to find out how Katie came to be face down in a swimming pool, Dr Morse had to interview her. To his amazement Katie described the operating theatre in which she had been placed while in coma. She also described the other people who were working on her and what they did. While this was happening she told Dr Morse that she knew what was going on in her family home and could described in detail what her brothers and sisters were doing. In fact it seemed as if she existed in a different state of time and space.


-Karen Frioli 2012-12-18 2:44:55

I have had a recurring dream for YEARS that I found my grandparents alive, living somewhere else and being so HAPPY and SURPRISED. I am 55 and they passed when I was 9 & 10 years old.

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