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Wonderful Life, I look around and see what you have built, and I admire it. I see you have built such beautiful things, such variety and I want to learn. I want to learn how to do that, I want to learn how to take part in creation. I know I am only a learner, but I bring before you my life, but I am eager to learn. My life is all I have, and I offer this in the process of building and creation. I am just practising – just practising. I am just practising trying to build something beautiful. And I know it doesn’t matter if I don’t make it this time, because I have eternity. It is okay if I don’t get it right. I am trying to do my best. Sometimes I look at what I’ve done and I think, that wasn’t very good. You hurt too many people there. I live with that. It’s okay. We all make mistakes. It’s good to recognise them. It’s good to recognise that there is such a lot more to learn. But I keep trying. I try to keep the doors of love open. It is painful sometimes. But I have found a place beyond pain.

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