Things I Want to Show You

Thinking about the ideas I want to communicate in DreamHawk I have defined the following:

1 – Evolution of mind or personality. See 

2 – What personality is immersed in. This has really become clearer to me from working on the Lucid Dreaming book, and also from the long session in which I recognised how personal awareness is immersed (almost totally in an unconscious way) in an ocean of meaninglessness.

So the call here is for people to wake up to the worlds they are unconscious in. I particularly want to point out the forces that manipulate many of us into being consumers. See  and 

3 – The new pattern – the unification of living more fully from one’s own core awareness, along with the cleansing process of psychotherapeutic action, taking awareness back through childhood, babyhood, to one’s roots. See

4 – Recognition of the process of self-regulation (homeostasis) as fundamental to cleansing, growth, and the emergence of the new pattern. Co-operation and dynamic relationship between inquisitive reasoning and the psychological process of homeostasis.

I believe that without the surrender of self to the spontaneous action of our life process which is almost entirely without out awareness, there can never really be an emergence of the new being/pattern. This is because the pattern is a mixture and dynamic working relationship between our life process and self. See

Unless one lets go of our conscious control occasionally and allows the life process to act on our conscious self, there is no real marriage. See

5 – Methods of working and transformation – obviously dream work – LifeStream – recognition of an opening to the action of the life process. See

But there also needs to be a good critical and analytic skill in the individual. How do we train that? See

6 – Most of this is on this site, but some of my books like Lucid Dreaming and Eye of Dreams really spell it out thoroughly. See 

7 – The most profound realisation I experienced is –

I am a wave on a shoreless sea.
From no beginning
I travel to no goal,
Making my movements stillness.
Constantly I am arriving
And departing,
Being born and dying.

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