The navy may indicate a protective force at sea, probably with ability to fight in defence. It has a hierarchy of command often involving strict discipline. For navy blue see blue

The men and women who make up its force are usually highly trained, so probably indicate expertise in various things. Some are experienced in combat and are useful in your dreams when dealing with anxiety or fear. As sailors they are used to the storms and calm of life.

Navy base: Often seen in dreams where a woman is seeking a man.

 Example: Ray Hawkins has made a place for me next to him at a table in the front of the class. He is to give a presentation on graciousness. He says he may not join the navy anytime soon because of some ways that the navy treats the ocean

Example: I was somebody else before.  Idealistic.  I am a college professor with many students from one of the poorest and crime-ridden communities in the country, and with a nearby base, many service men returning from the wars with PTSD.  When I look at the faces of students who walk through my door, who are searching for 0something, what I see are people looking for someone to recognize them.  I honor their strength and their stories.  I tell them over and over, the great good I see in them. And I do see it.  I never have to make it up.   I wish that someday if they forget what they are, they remember what I see in them.  My friend thinks that is my gift.  My daughter’s therapist thinks I’ve been naive about the world, but there is something about that innocence and idealism I cherish.


Useful Questions and Hints:

In what was is the navy featured in my dream?

Have I ever been on a naval ship or a naval base?

Do I know anyone who has been in the navy?

Was I ever in or involved in the navy?

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