YES – You CAN Dream a New Life

And I am not trying to sell you anything

I know because from someone with crippling depression and psychosomatic pain I am now very rich inwardly and outwardly – and it happened without pushing trying to get extra sales, earn more than the other person or clever advertising. It happened because dreams are an enormous and wonderful education.

How can it happen? Well dreams, like everything in us and around us, are products of Life. They are the communication between the miracle of Life within us and our conscious self. As such they are about LIFE and LIVING – and that includes everything and everybody. So from that knowledge we do not have to push and shove others out of the way to get to the front, because dreams show us the ways of LIFE which are subtle but powerful.

But first you have to learn what dreams are – they are vastly different to waking life and our intellectual mind because they are from our ancient and wise centre of LIFE. They talk a different language, the language of our associations with everything.

So here are some ways of learning – as I say, they cost nothing except some work and practise on your part. It only took me a few minutes when I tried to understand my first recorded dream. Of course I failed at first because I was thinking about it. But as soon as I asked myself what I felt about the dream image the doors of understanding started opening. But after that, with further practise what I received deepened beyond my expectations.

So take time to read and use what is described.

An introduction –

Summing Up – The things we need to know about understanding our dreams

Self Observation 

The Dream as a Code

Techniques for Exploring your Dreams

Masters of Nightmares

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Physics – new physics and the mind

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