Someone connected with trust who can guide you through big changes in your life. If the trust is not felt in the dream it might indicate you feel you have no inner wisdom or skill to meet what is happening or what you confront.

The dream pilot is an aspect of you that is experienced in taking control of a situation and acting on it. He or she is trained and is therefore a good adviser. The pilot is a part of you used to having a much wider and inclusive view of where you are going in your life, so trust their help.

Pilot study: A focus on a particular problem or subject. But it is simply you exploring the possibilities or feasibility of your decisions or direction in life. Are you ready to really commit to something – a relationship, a new way of life or a job?

Pilot project: The same as above.

 Example: “I saw a biplane fly overhead. Its pilot was performing daring new stunts. I ran into a house to tell a man who was in bed to run out and see the plane. “David R.

Example: Then for some reason she and another man started practicing for a crash landing and they laid back side-by-side in reclining seats and they were kind of floating in the chairs as the pilot dove downward. As this was happening somehow I knew that they were falling in love. Everyone else in the group including me remained standing. I then realized that the plane was actually crashing but the passengers were not anxious about the unexpected landing. I knew that we would all be fine and the pilot was able to glide down and brought the plane down on an island below in a forest.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I the pilot, a passenger or a flight assistant?

Was the flight successful?

What were you flying to or away from?

Have you ever piloted a plane?

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