All New

I was only four,
It was all so new to me
On that seashore.
To see what’s there
I turned the rock,
Like opening a magic door,
Uncovering creatures
With eyes or claw.

I looked at me
Through their own eyes,
Without the words
That speak such lies.
I loved them,
For I loved myself.
What will I find
What new, what wealth?
What will I see
What will I feel,
What will I know,
As there I kneel?

No plastic toy
With this compares.
No bow or gun
This mystery shares.
Just one more rock,
One more stone turned,
To see those eyes,
That with mine burned.
With life they shone,
And lit my own.

Without the words,
That tell the lies,
I knew what life was
In those eyes.

Copyright ©2006 Tony Crisp


-Shirley 2016-07-13 23:51:46

Beautiful. I love this website; I keep finding hidden treasures like this. Thank you.

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