You Are It

I feel so satisfied,
Having finished the work
That only slowly
Revealed to me how much
I wanted it done –
Things seen out of
The corner of one’s eye.
And now I am sitting on the floor
In front of my wood fire –
Timber I cut and chopped myself –
Looking out of a window.
Brilliant blue sky,
With an edge of heavy dark clouds.
And as I look,
That feeling pervades me again.
It has put green shoots
Above the dug soil
Of my awareness.
I barely know it yet,
But I sense what is growing.
It is the knowing that everything
Is here in this moment.
The past is here,
Ancient, hoary, and as
New and fresh as each breath.
Yes, the rise and fall
Of this beautiful beast breathing.
Breathing as it ever has,
Through all the lives
Of the mothers and fathers,
The kinsmen and kinswomen,
Who gave this life it now is.
And this now, knowing itself,
As the latest dancing moment
Of all those moments we call
The past – as if to dismiss them.
Yet here I am still carrying
That slippery ooze in my balls
For love of it,
And love of all
That my dance sprang from.
Here I am with everything
I danced upon the way.
And yes, everything
Is with me too.
I’m not sure why
I could never see it before.
So I ask you
Are you breathing too?
And can you feel it?
That you don’t exist
Without the air?
That you are the air!
And don’t you drink,
And don’t you eat also?
Doesn’t that light something in you?
Recognition maybe?
Woven you are,
Of everything around you.
The gravity –
Where would your house, car,
Chair, body, be without it?
The fire, the sun,
The mazing beginning of it all
Where would you to be without that?
You wouldn’t
Would you?
There would be no sun or rocks or
Ought else to be with us.
And don’t you want to sing with me?
Seeing how every moment,
Every ordinary thing
You do, is completely,
Utterly, absolutely,
Unendingly, fully,
An expression of it ALL!
You can’t scratch yourself
Without it being holy.
It couldn’t happen
Without everything taking part.
So please laugh with me,
And cry.
Tell me you know.
Know that here –
This moment –
All that has been,
All that can be –
Is with you.

Copyright ©2005 Tony Crisp

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