Birthday Gifts

It was her birthday yesterday,
And I had bought her a gadget
I thought she would enjoy.
Music on one of those
Tiny things you can hold
In the palm of your hand;
Whole orchestras and
Bands of music.
So this morning
As the sun was shining
Into my door
She came and thanked me
Holding me close
And telling me
She had been crying.
So as she was in my arms
I told her I loved her,
And she wept
As I wondered why
Her own father had never
Said those words to her.
And there I was
Holding someone else’s
Daughter close to me
Who had been so hungry
To know she was loved.
And I could feel the
Ease of it,
Knowing neither of us
Would use what we
Had given to each other
As a hook to hold the other.
Neither would we take it
As a lever to manipulate.
Therefore it was whole.

Tony Crisp

Copyright ©2006 Tony Crisp

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