You asked me if I am satisfied

When I can see your love reaching to me,
Experiencing it as your desire to be with me,
As you’re happy kisses,
And soft confidences told,
I am satisfied.

Your love is a balm even in my sleep,
Leading me to wake on an ocean of calm,
Feeling complete.

And by love
I mean the mutual eagerness
To share each others presence;
To be with you in simple things
Like buying the groceries
And laughing as we
Choose an ice cream.
I mean the respect we hold
For each other –
The pleasure felt
In walking side by side.

I am satisfied when we share a task
And find harmony of action
In our togetherness.
The empty rooms
That were in my life,
Are filled with soft colour and music.

To know we have some future together
Brings a peace that flows out of me
As warmth and happiness to others.
That too is satisfaction.

Time after time each day
That tide of pleasure rises in me
And I feel whole.
Then, to hold you skin to skin,
To feel the tenderness of lips and tongue,
To enter and be surrounded by your warmth,
Encircled by your arms,
And look into your eyes as we blend –
That is satisfaction.
The joy fills me,
And does not need to spill out of my body.
Yes – I am satisfied my darling woman.

Tony Crisp

Copyright ©2003 Tony Crisp

Art by Caroline Atkinson

Copyright © 1999-2010 Tony Crisp | All rights reserved