Like Bells

Is it sleep,
In which I know myself
A bell beginning to swing?
Its pendulous clapper
Starting to stroke
The rounded
Body of the bell
Calling it gently into life –
To stroke again.
That long slow swing
To bring the excitation
To the curving
Belly of the bell.
Provoking in that
Swinging motion
The bell to ring.
And again that
Sliding swing.
Deeper and richer
Till the cries of
That ringing bell
Like waves roll
On from one to another
Without pause.
Then I awaken to
The motion of the swing
Finding myself stroking
With my movements
The deep rich bell
Of you –
Deep and wringing
Out of you
And out of me the cries
As of bells
Calling their joy,
Pealing our carillon
Of pleasure.
Moving together and
Apart as bells do
In their excitation.
Swing your bell
My darling
That we may
Ring once more.

Copyright ©2006 Tony Crisp

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