Love Past and Love to Come

In my dark room I thought of all the women in the world,
And just as silent as the dark She lies there beside me.

I let my heart into the vast delight
Of all that women’s beauty now could bring me,
And just as vast as all delight,
She opened eyes to chide me.

I longed for all the pleasures that my heart and loin are strong for,
And She, still silent, yet told me with her eyes,
Of all that women long for.
My body turned, and lips touched lip
As cloud touched cloud.
And as lips smoothly into lips did slide,
I kissed all women I had ever dreamed of.
And all that in me until that moment slept,
Then rose up, trembling, and cried aloud.

She had become all women in the world,
And I became all men who seek them.
Convulsive moments passed
As hand arose to seek a breast to fill it.
Still were we, yet movement filled us,
When light as Love’s first touch,
Fingers on nipple dwelt,
In order then to thrill it.

What symphony of pleasures then arose,
What music of a thousand joys and longings,
As gently I drew from out this living harp,
A melody of all human heights and woes.
Then deep to deep cried out and shouted loud,
The sea within me threw me wave on wave,
And all the fires and torrents in me burst,
And to that woman’s being myself gave.

Tony Crisp

Copyright ©2002 Tony Crisp

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