Midnight Sun

We walked along the river bank,
Alone despite the crowd,
Then chose our ship and sailed away,
Where our happy hearts allowed.
We would have dug the Panama,
But that had already been done,
So we went and bred blue polar bears,
In the land of the midnight sun.

Then hot little hands,
And fast little hearts,
Held close as could possibly be,
We escaped the eye of the FBI,
And frolicked in the sea.
We’d left our ship,
And our polar bears,
Some distance down the street,
And now we were mermaids swimming along,
It’s less tiring on the feet.

But you can’t build a house in Ocean depths,
Especially up a tree.
And she’d not be wed
In an ocean bed,
So that’s what it had to be.
I built her the house
In a giant tree,
And we filled it full of ourselves,
And we swung through the leaves of the giant trees,
And us the size of elves.

With hot little hands,
And fast little hearts,
We clung to each other’s side,
Only to find the evening had flown,
And our fantasy had died.
No longer the ship,
Or the mermaid’s lip,
So soft against my own.
But she and I
And the station nigh,
And us no longer alone.

The station crowd
Had not allowed,
Even one glimpse of the sea.
And the glory died,
When she left my side,
And said goodbye to me.

Written for Sylvia.

Tony Crisp

Copyright ©2001 Tony Crisp

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