Loving Touch

I was touched on that day,
By the love that
Is at the heart of things,
And yet we only glimpse it
Occasionally at great moments.
And being touched
I wanted it to flow
From my fingers to others.
I felt that presence,
The love that spans all life;
And feeling it
Knew it as something
Sacred and beautiful.
I wanted, so much
To share it with the others.
And I asked it,
As one might a loving friend,
How that could be.
And gently the presence
Told me the secret.
I must learn, it said,
To wash a person’s feet.
And as it said this
Understanding filled me.
For that loving presence
Didnt simply mean
To take a flannel,
And a piece of soap,
To wash the dirt from
Someones feet.
No — it meant to be a servant.
To be a simple servant of life.

Copyright ©2006 Tony Crisp

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