Time Space and Love

Longings reach across the spaces of lives.
Living deep within the unseen places of us,
Calling through time,
Pacing through the avenue of human faces,
Looking, searching for a response.

Longing is older than you or I.
And yet it needs us to know itself.
The restless passing of years,
The insistence we try to understand.
Is that you? Is that me?

I hear it calling from before time –
I need you!
Where are you?
And then it conjures us
Out of itself
So we can meet.

Isnt that a strange magic?
A magic that spreads signs and wonders
As it moves toward its longings.
Did you do that?
Did I?

No – it is enchantment
Sprinkling stardust at its passing.
Did you see that falling star?
Can you hear that voice singing?
Do you feel what I feel?
Have you dreamt that too?

The sweet mystery is love.
Calling from before time,
Falling upon us poor mortals
And enchanting us
With it wonders.

Be gentle with us
Fragile creatures.

Copyright ©2006 Tony Crisp

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