The Headache

This headache is driving me mad.
It feels as if my head is splitting.
Something got into my mind,
And it’s expanding so quickly,
My skull can’t hold it.

Hold on though!
I can feel a dent
On the top of my head.
I remember now –
I have been growing so fast,
I banged my head on the sky.

Have you ever done that?
Loved so much,
Experienced in one week,
Enough to last a year?
Then you banged your head
On a cloud?

Well, I hit my head on a star.
Now there’s a hole in my head,
And I’m going to look out of it.
But it’s dark out there.
I’m scared of what I might see.

The sky is so big,
And there are so many stars.
But I am going to look,
Even if it’s dark
And I am afraid.

Oh my God!
This is scary —
I can see my wife,
For the first time in my life.

There are real people out there.
I have never seen them before.
They laugh, they hurt, they cry,
Just like me.
Isn’t that wonderful!

Copyright ©2003 Tony Crisp

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