The Egg of Juno

I woke in sleep and found myself in a strange place. It was not a country or environment I immediately recognized, and yet it was familiar to me, as if from long past times. And there were companions with me, men and women; and again they were familiar, yet I did not know from where.

I was standing by an ocean with my companions, and away from the sea the land was rugged, with here and there rocks poking their strength through the soil. And looking about me, there among the rocks I found a porcelain egg, with coloured art upon its surface. This lovely egg was large enough for me to hold with both my hands, and as I held I knew, as if told by a quiet voice, that this was the Egg of Juno.

Veneration fell upon me, for I knew this to be the essence of a goddess, produced from out her body as one might give birth to a child. It held within it all that she could let flow into the world. Knowing this, once more the quiet voice instructed me to remove the top of the egg, and as I tried the top unscrewed with ease.

Looking now within the egg held in my hands I saw a liquid, sparkling clear, and knew this was for us to drink. So, one by one, the men of my companions took some liquid into them. The crystal fluid was a gift the goddess gave to those seekers who found her eggs, hidden as they were in places where her spirit touches earth. It was a gift in fact for those few men who loved her, and would receive her into themselves.

And we small band of men, having drunk her essence, were touched by her and changed, knowing each other as hands of one body know each other, and realised that flowing through us now, a divine impulse sought to manifest itself on earth.

Then a wisdom settled on us, and with it understanding that we should take to us as wives the women of our group. They, touched by Juno also, for their very bodies were as she, came to us with that purpose. Each of them with the body of a goddess, like unto the mighty Greek statues of women, strong and full of womanhood.

Then wonder came, and in that wonder we knew the beauty of each other’s bodies – each finger, each hand and eye, full of divinity. For each act of love was itself the moment of creation, a splendid echo of that first impulse to be, to bring about existence. And we, joined in the wonder of that goddess, knew that from us now would spring a new race of women and men – through us a new impulse was let loose upon the earth.
Her Wonder Fell Upon Us

The Goddess Juno

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