Listen and remember,
For I am calling to you.
But I have no mouth to form the words in your world.
I exist beyond your body’s limitations.
So I am always with you, yet seldom known.
You and I meet under these difficult circumstances.
Difficult because you have forgotten who I am,
Even though it is I who have loved you
And been strength to you all these years.
So these written words are a desperate attempt to reach you.
Please do not turn from me as you read them.

That you now hold in your mind
The ideas I have tried so long to tell you ignites joy in me.
Listen to your feelings,
That I may reach across the distance that has come between us.
Let your heart be your ears,
Bringing you as close to me as I am to you.
Listen for me in the place of emptiness within you.
It is there in your loneliness and unrest that you remember me.
In that dark place is where you will hear me first,
And in your dreams I will appear to you.
I can be with you in your dreams and in your quietness.
Together we can move the tides of your soul toward healing,
Toward freedom.

For I am a traveller within the jungles of your mind,
Climbing the mountain of the human spirit,
Facing the lions and serpents of fear,
Bathing in the ocean of love and compassionate bliss.
Your dreams can be as a garden,
And we the workers,
In the cycle of the soul’s seasons.
In your dryness I can help you find water.
In your fear I can show you
The power of Light within you.
In your pain,
Let me help you take the arrows from your wounds.
Call on me when you enter the doorway of sleep.
I will emerge from the shadows to be with you!
My name is DreamHawk.

Copyright ©2001 Tony Crisp


-Jackie Paynter-Mayfield 2014-01-16 17:44:01

Just recently I had the urge to leave my old life style& all that I was doing against the will of God behind.. I started praying really hard& I hawk began to crash head on presistently trying to get into my patio door. Ithas constantly sat on my porch, calling out really loud. I then had a dream that I was in the backyard and if swooped down per my head& I begin to swing at it w a broom .. Last night I had a dream that i wentout on my backdeck & it swooped down right in front of me, into a pool of small birds& caught one . As it settled over top of its prey it clutched its prey tighter.. it was now gigantic & it’s wings spanned clear across my backyard , as it arched it’s back it spread its wings ,and made diret eye contact w me as it knocked the birds out of the sky tht were tryin to get him to release his prey .. As it begin to take flight it reached down & pecked it’s caught prey in the head killing it..then it began to hover where it was in front of me flapping its wings Ina soothing motion .. I remember I was really excited& was gripped w awe, so much to where I began to jump up& down in disbelief tht he was 10 x’s as big as me& that no one else was seeingit or had seen it.. Then I woke up& was still so excited and at awe to have seen this

    -Tony Crisp 2014-01-17 11:36:14

    Jackie – Your dream hawk is a wonderful image of the spirit of Life. It represents the force of life that God put into all creatures.

    Your dream is also about your growing ability to hear or experience the message from the Highest. So keep strong in your resolve and more will be shown you.


-Jean Oliver 2012-01-18 19:45:23

Last night in a nightmare I cradled a ginger cat screaming in pain, her body covered in angry protruding, open, round sores oozing with yellow fluids. I was shocked out of my complacency by her pain and knew I could only hold her, that nothing else could happen until her sores were attended to. I awoke in a silent scream of mental pain, sobbing, heartbroken. Today I feel a mix of wanting to die, that this pain is too awful to face and a joyous feeling of lightness of being. Can you help me illuminate this message?

    -Tony Crisp 2012-02-13 10:28:44

    Jean – The awful images dreams show us sometimes is to shock us, as you say, out of ones complacency. Obviously you have left that inner cat of yours till it was really sick. And the pain, shock and tears you shed were a wonderful release and healing. See http://dreamhawk.com/body-and-mind/peoples-experiences-of-lifestream/

    If you can allow such feelings as wanting to die it will gradually clear and the lightness and joy will grow. Do not be afraid of this, it is the way that we grow and know our joy. We are all so full of shadows here is a way of letting the light brighten.


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