The Princess

Is this what it’s like to be with a princess?
To stand near to someone,
To be sometimes touched by fingertips,
To look into the shining eyes of a woman
Apparently so innocent of the world,
With so much quality,
That I experience a constant delight?

Of course I have loved before,
But with my Princess the love
Is for a beautiful person
Who can be looked at,
But not owned,
Not picked up and held.
Yet the reserve,
The slight remove,
Is part of the continuing pleasure
Of shared laughter,
Of a special wonder
In watching her move and speak.

Strange though that
Princess is an ordinary woman,
And these special feelings
Take me to a world
I have never known before.
It is a world of royalty and courtiers.
It is a place where the time
Is not crowded with duty,
And people can be together without hurry.

Though you may not guess it,
This is how I am with you,
As if in some past age in which
I am a special companion to you –
And you – well,
You are a princess I love and serve.

Strange, isn’t it,
That there are no kings and queens here?

Tony Crisp

Copyright ©2003 Tony Crisp

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