The Revelation

I walked the ancient pavements,
Where churches built on temples stood,
And temples had in yet older times
Been raised on holy groves
And mounts where gods had trod.

And I, wandering
And at ease with the paths
And ancient stones,
Came to a low wall
Above an open rising courtyard.
And there below me,
In that place of worship,
A woman stood naked and adored.

No painting beauty,
Yet beautiful.
Full limbs with
Swelling hips and breasts,
Simply and wonderfully woman.

She was and is the revelation –
There for any to see the splendour
Of this most ancient goddess –
Revealed and revealing –
While I knew all the ancient fires
That burn in worship,
And heard the voices
Singing to her flowering.

Copyright ©2004 Tony Crisp

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