The Selkie – (Mermaid)

My love has been calling out
To you, across the miles and
Ages, like the mournful
Siren’s Song…

Secretly disturbing you
Through all these years.
I know you felt me
Trying to find you
To make you return to me.

But you were unsure of
The insistent echo that lingered
Beneath the shadows of your
Deepest dreams, just beyond your reach…

Now, as I stand here
Alone and naked, before you
Finally it makes sense.

I shed my selkie’s coat for you,
Lover, I beg you take it from me
And lock it away, so at last
We can be together
As it was meant to be.


Copyright ©2005 KGW

Copyright © 1999-2010 Tony Crisp | All rights reserved