This Infant Grave

Loving you,
My woman,
Is my birth.
And at that beginning
I was torn from love.
The umbilical of life
Was cut –
Leaving me abandoned
And dying.

So here and now,
With you and I,
I try to mend that breach
And meet the threat of death.
The cut cord
You joined once more
Through unfailing love.
And I feel life once more
Pour into what was dying.

And there’s the pain.
For as life enters,
The babe once left to perish
Now feels its terror
As it comes alive.
And dearest woman,
Understand that this
Is not an injury
But a blessing.

Know too, my love,
That this man,
Who loves you
As a newborn child might,
Has never bared
This buried horror
To another.
The trust you felt I lacked
Is there
In that exposure.

No other woman
Have I dared this with.
None have I bonded with
So deep that it laid bare
This infant grave
With all its grief.
No one offered me the balm
To heal the wound
That I might
Learn to love

Copyright ©2008 Tony Crisp


-petrina 2010-06-29 14:08:25

I read this poem again and I remember this day in Savannah. I remember the huge healing and the love that binds me forever to you and I miss you loving me, perhaps even remembering me…


    -Tony Crisp 2010-07-02 12:37:02

    Well Dear Grey Wolf – What a great pleasure to know you can reach me here. And an even greater pleasure to make time to reply.

    But first, you were wondering how, with this new system/site you can find the wonderful poems we shared, you could find them. Well, although the site does not yet allow a page with sections as happened on my old Poems page, I found a way you can find them all. If you type into the search box – Poems From the Lodge – and click, there they all are. And the same applies to all the other sections like: The Many Faces of Love; Life’s Sunshine and Rain; Life’s Sunshine and Rain: My Journey: People: and Dream Landscapes.

    Well, here I still am – though to busyto be much more that a loving smile. Remember?


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