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What is it that in the Albino that so peculiarly repels and often shocks the eye, as that sometimes he is loathed by his own kith and kin?

To dream of an albino human suggests something or someone unusual. But it depends on the dream as to what it means. The albino will usually have a different view on life that others. If they enjoy the attention they it is a good sign, but if they are angry that they are so different they may carry difficult feelings.

If it is an albino animal, it is different, because white usually suggest purity or an influence that is beyond the normal. Some ancient people see it as spiritual with great influence.



-Sophia 2017-11-16 22:47:46

I recently had a dream about an albino woman. There was more to that dream than I can’t recall. The part that is crystal clear is that of a very youthful young woman who had the friendliest and biggest smile. Just recalling her face makes me feel great and want to smile. She was so full of love and not a mean bone in her body. She was dressed in all white long dress…similar to a toga, but not quite. Lately…I’ve been having dreams where the color white is very much a part of the dream.

The part that makes me uncomfortable was that she was so different than everyone. The albino part didn’t bother me when I saw it…it more had to do with her style. Better said, it was simply that she was so different than everyone else. She didn’t feel awkward and was very comfortable with herself. I’m not sure how to put this second part, partly because I feel disappointed in myself for being self-conscious of how she was. Again, the albino part didn’t bother me…while I noticed it in the dream that part was taken in stride. She had extremely tight curly hair and for an albino it had some color to it. It was chestnut, light auburn hair with a golden tone to it. She also wore a random circle of flowers around her head. Tons of different flowers in that halo type of a head ornament. She was standing against a wall in a hallway…similar to that of a high school. As she was sort of standing against the wall, she had the biggest smile beaming at me. Again…I’ve never quite seen a face this friendly and loving. In my waking and even now recalling the dream, I just want to give her a big hug and welcome her into my life. She was pure love.

The part that stuck with me was how I was somewhat uncomfortable if anyone saw me talking to her. I’m so not that type of person too. I feel like I’m very loving and accepting of all walks of life. While I love the image of that woman and can see her crystal clear…I’m disappointed in my character for feeling uncomfortable with what other people would think. What’s interesting about this is that…that ‘awkward’ feeling about the albino woman’s character/persona is how I feel about myself. I have truths about me that I like…want to share them with the world and in turn be of service to humanity. It’s a calling like no other. I’ve negated this for quite a while and now it rings so loud that I’m very aware that the ‘trepidation game’ of me hiding who I really am, sharing my true colors is here. I can’t fake anything anymore…so the places where we tuck ourselves away for the sake of not appearing different, those days are done. Thank gosh.

Briefly, another dream I had about a year ago was about this odd pimple/blackhead on my left thumb. It was such an odd place to have that and it grossed me out. I pressed on it and ‘it’ came out. As I continued to press to get it all out, this extremely awkward looking thing/character came out. It was about three inches tall and like a small person…but very different looking. So much so, once again I felt embarrassed and I remember wanting to cover it up with my hands yet also love it. I felt so bad for feeling embarrassed about it and I didn’t want it to know I felt that way because I didn’t want that type of emotion to hurt their feelings or have them feel less because I knew that they were anything but ‘less’…and that wasn’t their issue to deal with…I didn’t want their confidence at all hindered.


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