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Usually change, maybe changes in direction or effect as with bend in a road. Perhaps a bend might indicate loss of power or effectiveness, a giving way. Also to bend something means to use force or effort to change, influence or gain power over something or someone. See: bend in road.

Bending over depends on what you are feeling in the dream or what action follows. It can suggest taking an attitude of softer feelings as when bending down to be at the height of a child, submission, or the openness of the female bending forward in a sexual acceptance. Or the male posture of desire or dominance. Bending down can also be a posture in which you hide or are less obvious.

To bend is also to change your posture and so change the situation you are in – different things can then happen.

The example shows another aspect. The dreamer, Simon, is obviously in a vulnerable position such as lying down, and being bent over is threatening. He had a very difficult childhood and tried to escape from it by stopping eating.

Example: In my childhood, aged between about five or ten, I used to dream about being on a roof with an archetypal witch figure bending over me. Pointing a very long finger-nailed hand at me – giving me an ‘I’m going to get you’ feeling. Simon.

Idioms: around the bend; bend over backwards; bend the rules; bend your ear; bend your elbow; go around the bend.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the central feeling or theme in my dream – and how does that relate to me?

What am I doing, or what is being done in the posture?

Who else or what else is involved?

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