Open Opening

Flower opening and revealing it’s most sensitive and passionate being. A flower is the sexual organ of the plant and is very ‘brave’ to be so exposed. But it has such a power pushing it to reproduce and leave seeds, it flaunts it beauty and perfume.

As humans we are born with such a need and if we open to it not just as a physical need, it can be satisfied. But often the instinctive drive becomes repressed, twisted or hurt, or is used as a way of survival and so can be a source of pain instead of satisfaction. So often opening can be a real learning process. See Life’s Little Secrets

Curtains: Opening curtains suggest you have nothing to hide about yourself, no need for privacy. They also link with the activity of daytime, of things to do. In the home the curtains suggest privacy and evening intimacy. In the theatre there is a sense of social or shared experience.

If you are actively engaged in opening or closing the curtains, look for what is happening in your waking life in regard to need for privacy or endings and beginnings.

Cut open: Being cut open can be like a rape of ones secret self, ones defenses, ones body. But if done because of illness by a surgeon it can be life saving – or also a traumatic experience, depending on how it was done. Sometimes it represent a new wonderful sexual experience.

Door: If you dream of a shut door, it may indicate you feel protected, want to keep people out of you life or enjoying your own space. The door open is an invitation, an act of trust. A dream door is a graphic image of feelings and attitudes you have that allow people to get close to you, or keep them distant. So it is important to define what you are doing with the door. For instance opening a door to someone is an offer for them to get closer, perhaps even to have a sexual relationship.

Doors also stand between you and the outside world, or between you and other people, as in an office. So they can represent opportunity or unknown events that are moving toward you. The door is a boundary between one room and another – one way of feeling and living and another. It can therefore help you to discover what your door is by imagining yourself each side of it and comparing how you feel. It could be an opening to a new way of life.

If the door is closed ask yourself what you are shutting out, or what attitudes you are using to keep people or opportunities away. Of course, being able to close the door is a good thing as long as it is a conscious decision.

Being unconsciously ‘closed’ means we might be trapped in a limiting attitude or stance. See if you can become more aware of this and decide if you really want to stay trapped. If there is an attempt to get in our out of the door, sit and relax and imagine opening the door to see what feeling changes occur.

Door creaking open: This is a cliché used a lot in films or drama, and usually indicates something awful or scary is about to happen.

Eyes open: It suggest awareness, independence in seeing what is before you. See eyes

Example: a young boy of five, after his pet mouse had given birth to several babies, dreamt the babies opened their eyes.

We explored the dream and he said that a pet was something that couldn’t do anything for itself and needed looking after. When asked if he had any feelings about this he said that sometimes he felt like a pet because he couldn’t do things for himself without his parents consent. We looked at what it meant that the babies had opened their eyes, and he said that when baby mice open their eyes it means they are ready to be independent. This led him to realize that he wanted to be more independent. So from that time on he started doing more things for himself instead of depending upon his parents.

Gift: An unopened dream gift is an unrealised potential, an unconscious link of love, or an insight still unspoken. The giver of the gift is a clue to who it is you have received love or hope or inspiration from. If you are the giver, ask yourself what it is you are giving that person, or that aspect of yourself.

Some gifts are unwanted. Such gifts are important to define, because you need to acknowledge what it is you are rejecting from within yourself, or from another person. In some dreams the unwanted gift is pregnancy.

Letter: If the letter is not opened it usually refers to things you know but have not let yourself really become aware of. Try opening the letter and observing what you feel or think. See letter

Open to the Big you: Meeting the feelings of the Big you can be scary because we are often not taught that we have anything in us except blood and guts and so have no experience of knowing who we are. Allowing an enlarged experience of yourself, or a letting down your defensive barriers. It might feel like being overwhelmed by another person’s identity or another influence you do not identify with. In opening yourself to that wonderful otherness of the heap of shit that was, your life becomes a compost heap which offered new growth. See Reaction to the unconscious

Opening: You can open a shop or a business; you can open up

Open Ground: This usually suggests freedom to express, also opportunity, depending what you feel about or wish to do with the ground/land.

Opened my eyes: The saying, ‘It opened my eyes’ refers to something or someone who changed you in some way, or helped you to realise something new.

Opening legs: This usually refers to a woman who willingly opens herself to a partner. For a man a woman who does this it feels like a wonderful intimate experience if it is done with some measure of love.

Opening your heart and your body: Open by accepting it or a person as a part of yourself – just as the blood and guts and faeces are a part of you. Allow you to grow emotionally and become strong.

Opening to your inner animal: Any animal you dream about is most likely and expression of your instincts, and opening to it is often a loving relationship to the dream animal. See Animals; Animals in your Brain

Opening to your fears: See Dealing with Fear

Idioms: open up a big can of whoop-ass; open a can of worms; open to criticism; open some doors; leave the door open; keep an eye open; for openers; keep an open mind; leave yourself open; open a window; open and shut; open season; open to question; open up


Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I opening, or opening to?

What did I find or feel?

Have I opened myself in some way – if not why not?

See  Method to Manage Intense EmotionLetting things HappenRole in the dream


-Karen Hailes 2015-01-20 12:01:15

I was in on a canal in a wooden canoe type boat. My work colleagues where getting into similar boats but mine took off on it’s own. My colleagues shouted that they’d meet me there. I didn’t have any paddles and the water was choppy. I somehow got out onto a green lawn with a white building and white door. I opened the door. Inside was a white wide staircase leading down. I descended the stairs and reached the last stair. I had to turn to get to the next stair level. the stairs were still light and bright and white but there was IT equipment all over the stairs. I shouted to my husband to make me a pathway to the bottom. I went down the stairs to the bottom which had another white door. I opened the door and 2 of my uncles that died several years ago where the other side of the door. Both were smiling at me. They were also in a light bright place but they had clothes on that I’d recognized as ones they would have worn before they died.

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