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My Books

Here are my books – as you can see, I love writing. I am currently in the process of updating and revising many of my works, with the aim to republish them in beautiful new editions in due course, which is why some of the titles below are unavailable.


Let dream therapist Tony Crisp be your guide on one of the most enlightening journeys you will ever take: into the world of your unconscious mind. From Abandoned to Zoo, based on material from thousands of dreams gathered during three decades of research, this essential reference is alphabetically organized, providing instant access to a wealth of fascinating information about:

Through my long life – now 84 – given to the exploration of dreams, psychic abilities and strange experiences I have been able to give real insight into Hallucinations – Psychic Abilities – and such questions as Megy asked – Megy – If you reached your highest potential you would be God.

But there is a technique described in Peer Dream Work that enables you to become dream therapist without and knowledge of psychology, See Peer Dreamwork.


I doubt there is any other dream book that actually advanced understanding as in this book.

Now available in the USA and UK as well as in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey You may need to put the name of the book you are interested in these countries.

The Many Ways to a New Life

There are many modern and ancient ways to arrive at a better life. Below I will give some details of them.

The Simple Secret of Them All Is

Open all of yourself to the unknown and invisible force that Creates You – Life. 

That means dropping all your present expectations, preconceptions, beliefs, and ideas – for you are allowing the Unknown to enter your life.

 For the longer explanations. Read on!!

Many of the ways describe a process of personal growth that is possible for many today. Just as humans started their journey as an animal with no speech and no rational mind and moved on into what we know today as self-awareness; so we are ready to take another step in our evolution. This is sometimes seen as a release from suffering and is a growth in awareness as ahead of self-consciousness as self-consciousness is of primal animal consciousness.

Click on – Many Ways


The Greatest is often the Simplest

There is something here I want to emphasise. It is Your Light. It is not from anywhere else. For instance you do not have to earn heaven, that it is already yours but is covered up by all the things we think and try to do to get it. You don’t have to be good or perform certain acts to get it.

What we are trying to open to is not something we create. It is not a thought, a state of mind or an emotion. We cannot make it by thinking inspiring thoughts or feelings. It is a self-existent reality. It does not depend upon what you think or feel. It is not brought about by concentrated thought, meditation or inspiring emotions. It already exists.

Because You Are It

The book is available only in eBook format because of its size –

     Four Great Meditation

Tony Crisp

With shock I realised something that was true of many things that were supposed to be helpful, such as meditation and positive thinking. What they often did was to calm surface feelings by controlling thoughts and body. They did not deal with the real difficulties that had been pushed into the unconscious. Their purpose was to quieten the conscious mind and the voluntary movements of the body, not release unconscious tensions.

That realisation came in my thirties; I am now 84 with more experience of what can really shift you in meditation. So I will give you four examples of powerful meditative techniques. I used each of these meditations and with each experienced enlightening experiences. Of course these techniques will require more of you than meditating on beautiful things. I feel it is important to manage the techniques I am about to explain to be able to use ‘The Keyboard Condition’ explained in the beginning of this book.

The book is Available in the USA – and in The UK

Originally published in 1971, it was one of the first books to deal with a personal approach to dreams in a meaningful and non clinical manner. It was also among the firsts to include a dream dictionary that was not about good and bad luck, and the ridiculous statements found in the books still published purporting to be about dream meanings. In Do You Dream I write about what people actually meet when they explored their dreams. So it now has a much enlarged and improved Dictionary, in fact the book has grown from 352 pages to 694 pages full of 40 years experience put into the dream dictionary.

Now available in kindle and paperback edition in the UK and USA and also in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey

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Every person’s dream life is completely unique. Dreams are the way in which your unconscious, instinctive self processes experiences, revitalises you and sends you powerful messages about your life. Understanding the important communications in dreams is the key to a successful life. My Dream Journal will allow you to read the story of your own dreams, make connections, see patterns and interpret the secret meaning of your own dream world. Included are questionnaires and exercises to show you how to recall, understand and maximise your dream power, and a directory revealing the meaning of the most common dream themes and images, as well as fill-in pages where you can record what you’ve dreamt.

The book will be available from June 11th from Amazon UK and USA 


Altered States of Consciousness

A dream is an excellent example of an ASC. For instance, in dreams or in a state where the sense of self is diminished, people can sometimes do or experience things they cannot in ‘normal’ waking consciousness. Problems can be solved in an intuitive way; perception is heightened; some people look ahead to future events, or experience a view of things far distant from their physical body; there is also the possibility of generally impossible healing processes released in the body; memories of early childhood or even life in the womb are more readily accessible in a dream or ASC state than in normal life.

Available in USA and UK


Cico has published my book

Be Your Own Dream Interpreter 

Now in Estonia




Be Your Own Dream Interpreter 

This colourful and delightful book has one of the best introductions to dreams and understanding them – along with How To Do It. Oh yes, it also has a full dictionary of dream symbols.

Available now in the UK and in USA and also in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey

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The House of the Ancestors

Tony Crisp’s true story of a passionate love affair and the death of my best friend. This is autobiographical about a twisting pattern of events that led to opening a door to meeting my dead friend, journeying with him through his experience; his introduction to a woman I would meet; and this all while he was ‘dead’. But it is more than that, because it went on to show how a dream led to the discovery of a hidden level of the mind and what was revealed.

This book is currently available in USA and UK – also in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey – You may need to put the name of the book you are interested in these countries.


Every 7 Years You Change

ARE you the same person now that you were fifteen years ago? In fact, are you the same person you were just seven years ago? Most of us have heard the old saying that every cell in the body is changed over a period of years; but recent investigation has uncovered facts of far more significance to us as human beings. This concerns the emotional, physical and mental changes that seem to occur in approximate seven-year intervals.

We can all see that we are different at seven than at birth. Also the change at fourteen is another huge changing point. The seven-year cycles continue throughout life, and are of the utmost importance to doctors, teachers, psychiatrists and the social sciences. Without some smattering of these changes it is difficult for anyone to understand the relationship of any given individual with his or her environment.

Now Available in Kindle in USA and UK  – also in paperback in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey – You may need to put the name of the book you are interested in.


Mind and Movement

Using your innate power of healing and growth. The book explains my life work, and is the basis for what is now called LifeStream. It explains the principles behind much that is found in healing of mind and body, as well as past religious and sectarian methods of personal growth and discovery of the spiritual dimension of life.

It is available in the UKUSA – also in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey – You may need to put the name of the book you are interested in.

A review by Hornspipe:

A truly simple process to assist your creative and healing potential. 190 pages aligned to a quiet, non convoluting course of simple standard body movements linked to awakening and opening the inner flower to its full potential. Simple soul directed therapy. Any hang up handled immediately. By using body movements and postures as doorways to our own natural healing process we release tension, find mind-body balance, dream creatively while wide awake, & tap areas of unconscious thought inaccessible.




The Hidden Bible

Here are uncovered all the ridiculous myths we have been taught, such as the demeaning of women in the Bible, and the fact that Adam is not an individual but a force in nature – and ADAM is both female and male. Here is it all explained, along with description of our status as fallen angels who are learning how to rise again through many lives. also the influence of heavenly bodies on our fate and fortunes.

Now available in the USA and UK as well as in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey

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We all exist in a multi-dimensional world. You have a physical body which you can hold onto with your hands; but you also experience emotions and thoughts that you cannot hold with hands. Also, your consciousness is an extraordinary dimension of personal experience that science still does not understand. You are used to experiencing these different dimensions of human experience, but there is even more.

Did you know that every time you sleep you you enter  the dimension of death?

This book is currently available in the USA and UK but also 

in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey – You may need to put the name of the book you are interested in for these countries.



Eye of Dreams

The result of 40 years exploring the Infinite Dimensions of Mind – the deep places of dreams and the strange worlds they reveal. Aspects of dreaming and your inner life are explained and explored that are seldom if ever mentioned elsewhere. Because the ability to enter and explore the spiritual and psychic flowered in my life, I was able to see how life beyond life and death is explainable. So I took pains to explain this as far is possible in the three dimensional world.

On sale in paperback with Amazon in UK and USA or for eBook format click on UK and USA but also in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey

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Or you can buy it on Barnes and Noble NOOK.



Super Minds

The Weird and Wonderful Brain
If you explore your brain in the right way, it is bigger than all the sky with all the stars and all the planets and space. Because a healthy brain has about ten billion nerve cells working in it, and each little cell can connect with all the other cells, and your brain can make more patterned interconnections than there are atoms in the universe. The number of these connections is much bigger than ten billion.

The Man Who Remembered Everything
Tests proved that Solomon’s ability to remember was almost boundless. Not only did there seem to be no limit to what he could recall, but each memory was indelible. It was never wiped out. So fifteen years later when Professor Luria looked at his records of the lists of numbers he had used in the tests, and asked Solomon if he could repeat them without hearing them again, Solomon remembered without any hesitation. As usual he could repeat them forward or backward.

Edgar Cayce and the Cosmic Mind
After the feature about Edgar appeared in the New York Times people began to request Edgar’s help from all over the world. Distance did not seem to be a problem. He would go into his self induced sleep state and his wife, Gertrude, would ask him to examine the person who had asked for help. From his sleep state he would describe in medical terms what was wrong in their body and mind, and suggest ways they could find healing.

Ramana Maharshi
Ramana Maharshi, as a product of an older culture experienced in exploring such questions as ‘who am I’ or “How can I find peace?” said that, “When you realise the Core Self (enlightenment), the sense of yourself as distinct from the world disappears”. He gives a fuller description of this, “When the mind identifies the self with the not-self/the body, there is bondage; when this wrong identification is removed through the enquiry ‘Who am I?’ there is release” peace.

Eileen Garrett – Psychic
By their colour and their tones that Eileen could see surrounding people, she knew whether people were sick or well. Some people, she said, were surrounded by a grey mist, which showed how unhappy they were. She could see that animals could sense these surrounds also. When watching people she saw how the colours in their surrounds changed, showing how thoughts and emotions disturbed them when talking with each other. She could also see, however, that people were unconscious of what caused these disturbances.

Hadad – The Rogue Yogi
Speaking in a wonderful Oxford accent, Hadad described himself as “a Chaldean astrologer with direct line of forebears back to 400 BC.” He also said he had been educated at the universities of Carthage and Oxford, and was a Zombie priest from Haiti. He told Dr. Wilson that he had been initiated into secret and ancient blood rites which gave him immense powers.

Sai Baba of Shirdi
Sai Baba had no need to enter a trance to experience the Unconditional state, but was constantly aware of all things. Through this he would often describe a stranger’s whole life in detail. As the Unconditional is in all things, so Sai Baba was in all life. Curing the sick and childless in miraculous ways happened constantly. One old man, grandfather of a pupil, when he was led before Sai Baba bowed and said, “Baba, I can’t see.” “You will,” Sai Baba replied. He laid his hands on the old man’s head and he could immediately see.

Schermann – Graphologist Extraordinaire
Whether we are aware of it or not, when we write our whole body takes on a certain posture, a mood or emotion may be present as we write. Our age and state of health, as they underlie our movements, also express in the subtle actions of writing. Therefore the marks we have made on paper are the result of what is going on in our body and mind at the time of writing. What Schermann did was to project the process backwards to build up a living impression of all the feelings, the movements, and the type of body and mind that created it.


Journey through the Mind – Jesse’s Experience of Madness

Pak Subuh – God’s Chosen People

Padre Pio – Modern Saint

Evelyn’s Divining Adventures

Animal Children

Helen Keller — The Sighted Blind

George Washington Carver – From Black Slave to Genius

I Died – But I’m Alive

The Genius of Rudolph Steiner

Wonders of Your Mind

It is now re-printed, and is available in the USA and UK and also in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey But for these you may need to put the name of the book you are interested in.

The New Dream Dictionary

 I finished writing a revised version of The New Dream Dictionary. A past edition failed to include all the links necessary to make it really work – now they are done. So, it is a much fuller and comprehensive book with a wonderful and full Dream Encyclopedia included. As such I think it is a leader in its field.

What I said about Dream Dictionary the 29 Jan. 2002 edition applies even more to this publication – Through my long life – now 84 – given to the exploration of dreams, psychic abilities and strange experiences I have been able to give real insight into Hallucinations – Psychic Abilities – and such questions as Megy asked – Megy, “What is the highest potential one can achieve? – My answer, “If you reached your highest potential you would be God.”

But there is a technique described in Peer Dream Work that enables you to become dream therapist without and knowledge of psychology,

But this is an even better edition. Because of the size of the book I was unable to include many important features – But now they are all given links in this version, making it a unique book about dreams.

 This book is currently available in eBook format from the USA and UK and also in

Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey

You may need to put the name of the book you are interested in for these countries

I Ching – The Chinese Oracle

I Ching can be seen as an oracle. But not one that tells you an unchanging future but rather like a constantly shifting flux similar to the seasons, with which we can interact. What we have is like a conversation with a wise and experienced friend, who through their experience might point out that if we take our present course the results might be in a direction we do not want.

This book is available in USA and UK also in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey

You may need to put the name of the book you are interested in.

An unusual and even inspirational description of this man’s wondrous journey into having a stroke.

The book is currently available in USA, UK and also in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey

You may need to put the name of the book you are interested in.

Liberating The Body

LEARN EXERCISES that allow your innate spontaneity to express as physical movements which tone your body, release tensions, and stimulate overall health.

LET THE NATURAL WISDOM IN YOU communicate through subtle feelings and body impulses. This balanced interaction between the facets of your being, never manage by most exercise systems, is a remarkable feature of Liberating the Body.

YOUR UNBELIEVABLE CREATIVITY is locked in the unconscious processes of your own body and mind. By liberating your body you can liberate your mind and discover the treasures of your own experience.

 Available from the USA UK and

also in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey

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Learning How to Love


After a long life of loving different partners, and failing miserable in some, I write this from long experience of mistakes I and others make. My experience also arises from having worked as a therapist for 25 years, also from the experience of working with thousands of dreams people have sent me. In all, having read through the book, I am guided by the things I have written. Love is such a wonderful, down to earth and yet spiritual subject, here are only pointers on the way.

The book is available in USA and UK – and also in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey

You may need to put the name of the book you are interested in.


The Hand Book- Handreading

My son Neal is the Palmistry expert who has explained the classical approach to understanding what the hands tell of your character and where it is taking you into the future. I added to this intuitive readings on the lines on the palms, along with a way of using intuition to read the lines.

Now available in the Kindle edition in the USA and UK


Using Your Intuition

Many people do not believe they have a part of their mind that can give fantastic help with problems and questions. Here is a careful examination of intuition, is many ways of expressing and using it. It is truly a sixth sense when you learn its techniques. A recent documentary about scientific findings says, “I want to tell you how the future creates the past which then creates the future.” This suggests that intuition is a flow of knowing from the future.

Now available in the USA and UK also in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey

You may need to put the name of the book you are interested in


Integration – Meeting Yourself and Life’s Little Secrets

Two Books in One

Integration is about truly finding parts of yourself that are missing. Someone recently told me that in a business exercise a participant felt she was schizophrenic and it troubled her. Yet the word simply means there is a split in the way we relate to life. That is quite amusing because we are all so cut off from knowing who or even what we are that we are all, according to the definition, schizophrenic.

This small book is a help in dealing with the terrible fears, anxieties, nightmares, depression and general disorder we face. Here are personal experiences of finding integration; a new look at the Chinese Ox Herding Pictures; another approach to yoga; a detailed look at drug use; and a way of loving – or finding love.

Life’s Little Secrets – The processes of life itself are about constant change. If our body could not go through radical internal changes to meet different temperatures we would die very quickly. It is a force of change that never stops. It is the power that has constantly moved you through babyhood, childhood, adolescence into adulthood, and will continue to push you through old age and death into life again. This is also a psychological process.

The book is available here in the USA and UK – also in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey.

You may need to put the name of the book you are interested in



Early in my own exploration of the inner world lying beneath everyday experience, I stumbled upon a rich vein of information about the spiritual journey hidden in the symbols of the New Testament. In a somewhat prose style the book explores this hidden and spiritual teaching at the roots of early Christianity.

Now available in USA and UK and also in Australia – Brazil – Canada – China – France – Germany – India – Italy- Japan- Mexico – Netherlands – Spain – Turkey

You may need to put the name of the book you are interested in.




Hidden Side of Dreams

The book sets out to describe an amazing power that has been almost excluded from dream books. It takes you through the strange world of dreams and their little known processes. Below is a description of one facet of it – the waking lucid dream.

I fell into immensity, black and without features. Suddenly I was aware that something held me. It was the process that had grown me from seed in the first place. My ego had not created me or grown me. But now this deep part of me was unfolding me again, like a plant opening. I understood that we each have this force at our centre, and as I watched it working in my body and life, it seemed to communicate with me. At least I understood from it that if I opened to it each day, if I surrendered to its action, then it would grow me to a fuller life and realise itself in me. This felt like a holy gift, that the mystery of life would live in me.




Levels of Awareness in Waking and Dreaming

There is an immense amount of obscure writing in connection with words such as spiritual, consciousness, God, and death. However, most of us come back to the fact that everyday life confronts us with the most observable experience of reality that we have. Fortunately, if we carefully examine what we experience every day, much of the mystery surrounding the words mentioned disappears. The book is an effort to clear up some of the confusion.



The main statement in the book is that energy moves in straight lines unless it meets a resistance. When contractions occur the baby’s body is pushed in a certain direction. If you imagine a line running through the baby’s body and head, then the contractions push along that line to the head. The important point made is that the head is often pressing, not into the birth canal, but into the back of the pelvis, hitting the lower spine. This line of force hitting the lower spine causes intense back pain.

The wonderful thing that Janie McCoy King shows, is how to alter that situation, so the contractions push the baby toward being born.

The cover picture is of the baby I caught as it was born. There was no screaming and the labour was only about an hour or less.



End User – An Unusual life

Part of my life story told in depth. Born prematurely prior to intensive care and antibiotics – and remembering in detail my earliest memories, it is truly a new look at our earliest experiences of  life. Then my childhood and adolescence paint even further new views of life and the wonders and tragedies that many of us face in reaching for adulthood.

Meetings With Christ

The meetings with Christ happened over a period of forty years. They were wonderful meetings in which I was taught and healed. As David

Boadella writes, “In this booklet, which is intensely personal, Tony Crisp writes of his encounters with the figure of Christ, in imagery, in deep feelings, in states of self-transcendence, and heightened awareness; and how these illuminated his understanding of birth, sexuality, death, and the extraordinary within the ordinary.”


The book is readable on site HERE


Exploring Inner Space

Here are said things that everyone who is meditating or practising yoga seriously should know. Many people practice because they want peace of mind and body, but the fact is that isn’t what yoga and meditation are designed for. In fact they often find quite the opposite.

Click to see it in Kindle eBook format in the UK and in USA

You do not need a Kindle to read Kindle publications, you can get them and read them on your PC or Apple machine by clicking Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac.

Interview with a Sex Worker

Here is a frank and honest  conversation with a sex worker. She describes the secrets she found about men and their wants. But most amazing she describes some of men’s vulnerabilities. I feel many men should read this.

The book is readable on site HERE


The Story of a Premature Baby

A series of articles about the experience of being born prematurely. It describes in amazing detail the memories and trauma felt and the way through it. It is an unusual and moving book, and should be read widely – although the birth took place before the use of intensive care units for such babies.

The book is readable on site HERE




An amazing method used throughout the ages, but only just really understood through recent research. It is the story also of a young man plagued by depression and sexual problems finding a new life through allowing the process to work on him.

In searching for relief from misery he tried many different things, relaxation, yoga, meditation, fasting, and diet among them. They promised to be helpful but something was missing that I only began to uncover when I started teaching relaxation. Some of those classes he taught were huge back in the sixties and seventies. To help people he would wander around the class and lift an arm or leg of some of those lying quietly relaxed. He moved the limb to let the person have an enhanced awareness of their relaxed condition. What amazed him was that often the arm or leg was so rigid with tension it was hard to move. If he let go the limb it would remain suspended. On asking the person how they felt they would say, ‘Fine. Really relaxed.’ They didn’t know they were carrying enormous tensions.

The book is readable on site HERE




Dream Dictionary translated into Polish

It is available from Allegro

The Sacred Tree – In Dreams and Myth

The human condition is fundamental to any creation of myths, and at the core of the emergence of any religion or personal dream. The journey from conception to maturity, and on from there to death, is a heroic one no matter which one of us makes it.

The book is readable on site HERE


Surviving Love and Relationships

A loving relationship is one of the most sought goals. It is also one of the most difficult to attain and maintain. A major reason is that most of us fail to understand some of the fundamental aspects of what makes us love, and what might make us destroy what love we give or receive. To call most of today’s relationships loving is incorrect.

The book is readable on site HERE

Your Dream Interpreter

Beautifully illustrated with 1200 dream entries, and features on many aspects of dreaming.

On sale with Amazon in the UK and USA and also in 


enlightenment cover


The Next Step in Evolution

Enlightenment is a process of personal growth that is possible for many today. Just as humans started their journey as an animal with no speech and no rational mind, and moved on into what we know today as self awareness; so we are ready to take another step in our evolution. This is called Enlightenment or Cosmic Consciousness, and is a growth in awareness as far ahead of self consciousness as self consciousness is of primal animal consciousness.

Face to Face with the Future

This is a book about the enormous changes the future faces us with, and what we can find in ourselves to deal with what comes. It describes how to access your innate creativity, and the many dimensions of your ability to survive and realise what it is you have been denying in yourself. One of its chapters deal with moving through and beyond the difficulties of love and relationship.



 An exploration of life and Death

The Instant Dream Book

Exploring your dreams using questions to extract meaning.

Available on Amazon UK and USA


Yoga and Childbirth – Paperback

In YOGA AND CHILDBIRTH Tony Crisp explains how the practice of yoga can help to make the moment of childbirth not one of pain or discomfort, but of ecstasy. He describes the basic precepts of yoga, with simple postures, relaxation and breathing exercises specially designed for pregnant women. Particular importance is placed on diet and on the correct mental attitude to pregnancy and its influence on the unborn child. An A-Z offers natural treatment for the common problems of pregnancy, and a step-by-step guide tells you just what to do as your baby starts arriving. Finally, for those trying unsuccessfully to have a child, Tony Crisp suggests ways and means that may help to overcome barrenness.




Yoga and Childbirth – Hardback

In YOGA AND CHILDBIRTH Tony Crisp explains how the practice of yoga can help to make the moment of childbirth not one of pain or discomfort, but of ecstasy. He describes the basic precepts of yoga, with simple postures, relaxation and breathing exercises specially designed for pregnant women. Particular importance is placed on diet and on the correct mental attitude to pregnancy and its influence on the unborn child. An A-Z offers natural treatment for the common problems of pregnancy, and a step-by-step guide tells you just what to do as your baby starts arriving. Finally, for those trying unsuccessfully to have a child, Tony Crisp suggests ways and means that may help to overcome barrenness.




Dreams and Dreaming – Understanding your sleep messages.

There is no dream dictionary in this book, although themes and dream subjects are dealt with. But it is a small and concise explanation of what dreams are and what can be found in exploring them. It also details ways of doing this.



Relax With Yoga

First published in 1970 to meet the needs of the enormous number of yoga students starting the practice at that time. It is still relevant to yoga today as it deals with the main branches of yoga in a practical and inspirational way, including an awareness of body, soul and spirit. There are also short biographies of some of the great yogis of east and west, along with their teachings.

Dream Dictionary translated into Dutch


It is available from


Africa Sky Stories

Having long been walking in the deeps of my unconscious, occasionally the voice of that silent deep tells me a story. Here are some of those stories told me in African mode.

Lucid Dreaming

This is about Voyages in Lucidity – People’s experiences of waking in the world of dreams.

Lucidity offers a New World to Explore – Describing the amazing features of the world of sleep, and the basics of meeting that new world of experience. It defines the benefits and possibilities.

Lucidity holds out the possibility or personal healing of physical and psychological problems; the solving of problems in daily living, relationships, work or creativity. It enables the practising of skills; the finding of the enormous potential you have, and bringing it into your daily life. You can discover your deep history, unfold your emotional and sexual self and your personal confidence , and explore the universe within you.

On sale in the UK and USA


Dream Dictionary translated into Swedish

It is available at Bokia

Dream Power

Dream Power is a boxed set of a 100 beautifully illustrated cards with an accompanying book The cards depict possible things you might dream about. On the back of the cards are questions to help you define what happened in your dream, and what you felt about it. You then refer to the book to further unfold the meaning of your dream.

On sale with Amazon in the UK and USA



All sex is movement. Sexual movement involves your body, your emotions and your spontaneity. For sex to be more than two people experiencing mutual physical friction, movements of our whole self are called for. ‘Sexercise’ is a way of tuning-in to the secret places of your body and mind, opening them to discover the wonder of your own sexuality. Learn how to tune into your pelvis.


Dream Dictionary translated into Hungarian

It is available at Antikvarium

This is the Time of the Quickening

Many of you have been waiting for this since you were children. All that time there has lived within you an empty place that has not been filled by the pastimes that life has offered. Nor has it been given light by the words emerging from temples and churches. For it was not for those you were born or waiting, and the sense of that empty place never left you, and only scraps of knowing arose.



Core Experience

As human beings we have investigated and probed the core process to the point where we understand some of the ways in which it works, and some of the ways in which we can co-operate with it or interfere with it. Nevertheless that Core still remains largely a mystery. In fact with the development of the new investigations of physics, such as quantum mechanics, the mystery deepens.

The Chakras

Understanding this subtle energy and the personal misery we can create with it if we do not understand how it works. This is fundamental to a satisfying life. It is important to teach children and adults how to how to deal with their own being. Here it is explained simply in such chapters as Energy Sex and Dreams.

Dreaming About Death

A collection of features looking at death. Chapters include dreams of death; near death experiences; can we prepare for death; is there life after death; and mass of information about peoples experience of death and dying.


In a major experience of synchronicity there are usually no visible links between the event and your environment. But there are clues if you look beyond logical thought. Therefore a radical coincidence is a doorway for your mind and heart to move beyond limiting attitudes and beliefs. The chapters will bring the inexplicable closer to you, so you can look at it, hold it, wonder at it.


Dream Yoga

by Tony Crisp

I have learnt so much from the thousands  of dreams send me, that I have written it up under this title. The title also appears on the site in a much smaller version. The site version is only 4000 words long, and this new enlarged version 33000 words in length.




Interprétez vos rêves : 100 cartes-symboles + un livre illustré

by Tony Crisp




1001 façons de décoder nos rêves

by Tony Crisp

Le sommeil occupe un tiers de notre vie et nous rêvons en moyenne quatre heures par nuit. Aujourd’hui, les hommes de science sont d’accord avec les savants de jadis, les rêves révèlent le travail qu’effectue Notre inconscient. Pendant notre sommeil, il traite et prend en compte nos expériences, nos désirs et nos peurs afin de nous les restituer sous forme de messages capitaux. Décoder ces messages envoyés par notre moi profond sous forme de petites histoires plus ou moins obscures, nous ouvre la voie d’une vie plus sereine et plus sérieuse. Si vous désirez en savoir davantage sur vous-même, comprendre votre vie intérieure, votre mode de fonctionnement et vos traits de caractère les plus marquants, mieux apprécier le comportement des personnes qui vous entourent, ce guide de référence vous offre de nombreuses informations passionnantes. Un questionnaire et des exercices pratiques vous apprennent comment vous souvenir de vos rêves, comment les interpréter et en tirer un véritable bénéfice. Des conseils avisés vous indiquent comment vous servir de vos rêves pour que vie sentimentale, vie professionnelle et réalisation personnelle soient harmonieuses et satisfaisantes. Un répertoire recense la signification de plus de 1000 thèmes et images oniriques.











-Emily Wright 2016-07-16 7:54:57


I may be interested in purchasing your book.

I had a dream that two people were dressed in long black dresses and doing the same voodoo spell (the images flashed – I saw the first person and then the second person dressed in the same way and doing the same kind of magic). They were sticking pins in a voodoo doll and placing it underneath someone who was lying down on the bed, while at the same time this person was lifting himself up so that the doll could be placed underneath. Does it mean that the third person was a willing participant? What was the goal of this spell?

I appreciate your reply.

Thank you,

-Steve Marsh 2016-04-19 20:19:58

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-Elleissa 2016-02-15 5:30:22

I am currently reading about archetypes for my college course. In trying to define the movie The Island it was necessary to understand what the underbelly, basement of the compound represented. You hit the nail on the head, as it made me remember when I was a child and had a terrifying dream of the bad men chasing me into the basement. Thank you for clearing that up. Also you cleared up my alligator dream. An a
Light or ate me alive when I was near a pool in the backyard of a relatives home. Terrifying dream that haunted me for the past 11 years.

I found it interesting that the suggestions for books on dream symbology were wanting compared to you very intense exploration on the subject. I will be using your site for references in my essay because I find that it is very indepth.

Thank you for such comprehensive quality and work!

Could you please let me know how I can get your premature book about your own birth. I was a preemie as well and think I have memories, although I always thought they were just young kid imaginings, although I couldn’t put words on these experiences because they were simply observations…wonder observations for me. At the age of 4 I told my mom about atoms and what they were and also about time and about a mini soul inside this flesh we call the body. She asked me who told you that? I said no one it just came to my mid as a whisper. She was always surprised at my ability to intuitively know things without learning them conventional ways. I would love to get a copy of your story Tony so that. Thank you.

-Vera Lauren 2016-02-04 19:39:45

I love your work and would like to connect. My partner, Catherine Julian Dove, now ascended, and I were asked by the Masters to put out a series of books. The first is out and I will launch two more this year. Since Catherine’s death, I am left with over 600 pounds of channelings to eventually share. We are told that those drawn to studying these sacred teachings will be way ahead of the year. You see, a channel like Catherine only comes along every 200 years or so if that. Your site said you are on Facebook, but I could not find you. Anyway, I hope to hear from you. Thanks for all you do. Blessings, Vera

-Sharon Camilleri 2015-05-07 6:24:16

Hi Tony, I didn’t know of any other way to get in touch with you. I just did a google search on my name and found this which I posted. Can you please delete it and my account if I set one up. Please PM me once this has been done. Thank you and Kind Regards, Sharon. No baby luck!

-Sharon Camilleri
2012-11-14 21:24:38
I’ve just watched Morris West’s “The Naked Country” dvd 1985, in which an aboriginal maid called Sally says ” You need to get your dreaming right in if you want a piccanini (baby).” What does she mean by you need to get your dreaming right? Please advise. Thanks & Regards, Sharon

-Elaine 2015-03-27 13:01:04

This was just what I needed to get me back on my PATH. Thank you Tony Crisp. Elaine

-Tamara 2015-01-11 4:42:01

I had a dream my dog(passed away in April 2014) ran out my front door very happy leaving a trail of bright blood on the white snow. I am having trouble interpreting this on my own, Any insights appreciated 🙂

-Carolina 2014-12-14 15:54:13

Hi, i 36 yes old and ever since I was a little girl I have always dream spirits that are no longer with us warning me of death also i dream about an old Native American chief he is very wise and when something I can’t understand in a dream he shows up and explains it to me and reassures me not to be afraid.

I also dream a white beautiful wolf and white doves.

I remember when I was 6 my parents left me in the car and when I woke up I cried got out n ran to the building where I lived but as I turned I remeber seeing a whitish grayish wolf he was huge but he was just watching me and followed me until I was in the apartment

When I was with my parents I looked out the window to see if I saw this wolf and their it was in the alley looking at me thru the window and I said thank you and it disappeared

I know their is a meaning for this but don’t know where to find out what it means

-Patricia Gari de Aldama 2014-10-13 14:16:05

Hello Tony,

I have jet to read your biography and much more Ide like to read, I just need some more time..
I just wanted to say THANK YOU!
Thank you for every word. I found you months ago when my dreams started to feel quite significant and I was looking for sites that would help me figure out what they could possibly mean.
Today I went a little further and saw you have so much more wisdom to offer!!
I read “abandoned” and “little secrets” …….led by the word “father”. I dreamt about him tonight ….. I dreamt that I went back in time and saw him in our old house the funny thing is he was about 20 and I was as I am today…..he hold my face kindly with love and said he knew who I was and that I looked like my mother.
As I woke up this morning I looked it up and found your words to be so helpful!!!!
I was sent to school when I was 11 from my country Spain to England, not speaking the language and leaving 5 brothers and sisters behind…..I didn’t understand at the time what was happening…..but I have felt a strong sence of abandonment all my life, specially from my father, though I love him very much. I was expelled from many schools and I’ve found it difficult to conform to a “normal” life.
After a whole lifetime in the arts about 7 years ago I discovered composition and I’ve been writing songs ever since. Many of my songs doeskin of my father. Though often through metaphor.
Anyway……..reading you made me open up with so many emotions……and my willingness to try to be at peace with everything as I Cary on the road of life……
This message was just to thank you! For helping me see things within my own life through your words, this is a gift!!! To help others……
You are wonderful! And I just wanted to tell you.
I hope all is beautiful in your life!!! I’m sure to get there many mountains were met and chalange was there……but from your words there is a wisdom and a tranquility……and I hope I’m right.
Thank you
Sending you love
Frida Ray

-Adam Toynton 2014-09-27 16:05:09

Hallo Tony, I have been using your online I Ching guide for a few weeks now and it has wisely steered me through some very difficult times. I would like to buy a copy (I understand it is in ebook format only), but would like to be able to print it and put it in a folder. Can I buy it from you direct in perhaps a PDF format as I have no ebook reader and, to be honest, prefer not to read from a screen! (bit old-fashioned!) Thank you and hope you can help.

-Liz 2014-06-21 12:20:01

My boyfriend has sex dreams and in his dream he having sex with a man and he talks as well and will moan and talk dirty suggest positions. Say what feels good and he will also have an erection that he will jack off. He has these every couple months and he will have them several days in a row

    -Tony Crisp 2014-06-23 8:33:44

    Liz – The energy that is our force of life is like electricity. Electricity entering our house is invisible and unknown, but has enormous potential. The potential can express as power to move things, to heat the house, to create sounds and to do amazing things with TV and a computer. So in human beings it can express as movement, sex, hunger, sounds, thinking and knowing and also the wonder of going beyond our personal boundaries.

    Your boyfriends dreams seem to say that a mass of his potential energy is locked up in his sexual impulse. This may be because at some point in his development his energy got blocked so it mostly expresses as sex.


-Anabel 2014-05-30 21:46:26

I had a dream that I threw up a clear bag that held a baby (size of my hand), a white cross and a grey Virgin Mary. The bag was still connected to my stomach by the umbilical cord and I kept trying to put it back in, but couldn’t. At the end I had to go get surgery to have it placed back in my body. What does this mean?

-Jeannie 2014-05-07 9:23:03

I have always had very vivid and at times frightening dream ,they are so detailed ,so it is comforting to read something that at last gives me a glimmer of hope and the start of understanding …………but more importantly someone that sounds believable in their knowledge ,thanks to Tony Crisp I will be checking out your books .

    -Tony Crisp 2014-05-08 8:20:20

    Jeanie – Thank you.

    It has been a long hard climb to understand dreams and to try to pass it on. But a huge thanks goes to the many, many people who have sent me their dreams over the years – actually started in 1982 when I worked for a national newspaper and people sent hundreds of dreams. Seeing so many it was like a helicopter ride giving me an overall view. From them and all of you on dreamhawk – I am still learning – Thank You.


-Sherilyn Tarver 2013-09-25 16:33:39

Mr. Hawk,

I am learning so many insights into my dreams by reading your website. I am asking for your recommendation on which book or books to purchase for myself. I am most intrigued by your explanations of how our brain functions and the animal connections.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
Sherilyn Tarver

-L 2013-08-11 13:39:48

Hi, I would like to get in touch to discuss the possibility of purchasing a copyright of one of your books. I was hoping to email you but can’t find an email address on here. I’d really appreciate an email conversation about this.

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