Approaches to Being

Whatever you meet in life, your approach to it is important. Whether it is a dream, a religion or a discipline, what you bring to it brings either an open way or a shut door. Approaches to being is about the spiritual paths and dicsciplines that can lead to a fuller life. I have tried here to show a deeper understanding to such paths – a new way.

Love Irradiates The Universe

What I saw was that the Big Bang utterly shattered the existence of what had been before. That ocean of energy and consciousness destroyed itself so beings such as ourselves might exist. And then, as it died, at the very last moments of its death, it shot out something to penetrate all that was comi...More

Life within Change and Constancy

Rudolf Steiner explains parts of this process very clearly. He points out that from conception through to death our physical body goes through a process of continuous change. There is never a moment when changes are not going on in the body. Also, part of this change is that physical impressions las...More

Self-Help Techniques To Use

Much of our behaviour is largely or wholly unconscious. Becoming aware of something can by itself produce a change. If you are not aware of how you act or respond, there is less likelihood of satisfying change....More

We Live in Special Times

In many cultures there is reference to the influence ancestors have on the living. Ancestors are therefore often worshipped or turned to for advice or help in those cultures. In the west this is often thought of as a superstitious idea, yet in most homes I have been in there is a small area where fa...More

We Are Co-creators in the Cosmos

We usually see the world as bounded by time and three dimensions. But another extraordinary statement about the world around us is one put forward by Irish physicist John Stewart Bell. It is a quantum theorem that has revolutionised the way reality is considered. In brief, the theorem states that w...More

Touching Your Core Self – Part 6

I see that they have little or no real certainty of their own innate power and wonder, and so always look to others. All I can say is that perhaps for some this is necessary. But it misses one of the greatest blessings we can find. That blessing is your own inner power and connection with the Core ...More

Touching Your Core Self – Part 5

This experience transforms your feelings about death, enabling you to live your life more fully, free of fear. It transforms relationships from grasping dependence or fear of loss, into the knowledge that you are always love itself, and at your core is a gentle bliss that does not depend upon extern...More

Touching Your Core Self – Part 4

We also need to remember that the dream process expresses in symbols. If we put this together with the experience of the full surround virtual reality of the dream, then we can say that our Core expresses its wisdom, healing process or insight in the form of apparently objective people, scenes and e...More

Touching Your Core Self – Part 3

Edgar Cayce, an apparently uneducated man who lived and worked during the last century, could accurately diagnose illness in others without any medical training. He did this by opening himself to his core, or what he called the cosmic mind....More

Touching Your Core Self – Part 2

Mostly we remain unconscious of any real meeting with our core. Many of us have no sense of the wonder and transformation this experience can bring....More

Touching Your Core Self – Part 1

That mysterious and wonderful process of life that brought you to birth occurred quite without your conscious effort or participation. You share that journey from conception to birth in kinship with all the other life forms that exist with you on this earth. But unlike most of the other creatures yo...More

The Splendid Alternative

Some people can apparently look deep into the internal processes of their own or someone else’s body simply by closing their eyes. Dr. Shafica Karagulla, a neuro psychiatrist, spent many years studying this phenomenon. As […]...More

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