Approaches to Being

Whatever you meet in life, your approach to it is important. Whether it is a dream, a religion or a discipline, what you bring to it brings either an open way or a shut door. Approaches to being is about the spiritual paths and dicsciplines that can lead to a fuller life. I have tried here to show a deeper understanding to such paths – a new way.

The Mystery of Parenthood

As the years have passed my understanding and views about how, as a parent, we provide an opportunity and environment in which a spirit can incarnate have become more refined. Nevertheless, I still believe that as parents we are part of a continuum very few of us really are aware of. I believe the p...More

The Long Memory of Existence

Somehow I had opened to a direct awareness of inner deeps, and I had the consciousness of my being stretching back endlessly through my fathers. This past seemed to speak through me spontaneously and said, “Through the inheritance of our culture I have a soul. Without the self giving of men and wo...More

The LifeStream

Each of us grew from a tiny fertilised seed in our mother’s womb. Wisdom innate in that tiny cell, in your mother’s body and in how the universe works, enabled and directed the amazing journey of growth. That journey is perhaps the most incredible of any life form on our planet. From a very fund...More

I Am

This is a very simple way of encouraging the flow of self expression. Although simple it can be very satisfying and interesting to do. Have plenty of space for this. You will need room to pace about without feeling restricted. So comfortable clothes are also important. The length of time can be anyt...More

Genesis – The Beginning of Things

During the experience in question I felt I was at the very beginning of the universe. I knew and experienced that beginning of things as a huge awareness. There was no separation in it at all. I had the impression that prior to it a whole universe had existed that had gradually sunk back, melted, o...More

Contraction – Expansion

This is to do with fundamental life processes. If you watch your chest for a while you will observe its contractions and expansions in breathing. Your heart too constantly contracts and expands. Sleeping and waking contract and expand consciousness. Life and death are an expansion and contraction. P...More

Becoming Ourselves

. These deeply interior pieces of experience were enabled to come to consciousness because over some years I had learnt an allowing non repressive, non judgemental state of mind. This is more difficult than it sounds because most of us have an instinctive reaction to avoid pain. Because it is interi...More

Using Your Intuition 2

Here aresome advanced methods of exploring your intuitive abilties....More

Trances Spirit Healing and Possession

Carol Laderman, an anthropologist who went to study childbirth practices in Malaysia, found that shamanic healers, who it was thought had disappeared 75 years ago, were still an everyday part of village life, (Science Digest July 1983, Trances That Heal-Rites Rituals and Brain Chemicals). To study t...More

Summary of The Approaches To Inner-Directed Movement

Ihave tried to givean overall and observers view of the many different approaches to what is, after all, a natural experience of great value....More

The Charismatic or Pentecostal Movements

One of the best known traditional approaches to inner-directed movement in our own culture is that which lies at the roots of Christianity. In reading Acts of The Apostles in the New Testament, in which the experience of Pentecost is described, a definite impression of a group practising inner-direc...More

LSD and Drugs

Some of the most effective work with the principle of homeostasis was done with LSD prior to its being made illegal. A number of psychiatrists were registered to work with it. To understand this positive side to these drugs, it is useful to read such books as Myself and I by Constance Newland; and ...More

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