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Introduction – Your Dream Interpreter

But dreams do not simply extend your experience and allow you to practice your future actions; they express all the other functions of the human mind and spirit, reaching beyond the limits of waking awareness and your senses. Dreams solve problems; they reflect the state of health of your body and m...More

The Vision of Dreams

Dreams reveal to us things we are ususally blind to That we have a word such as unconscious in our vocabulary means we acknowledge there are things we cannot ‘see’ about our own existence, about […]...More

Liberating The Body

Liberating The Body is about the urge we have in us toward health of mind and body, and how to work with it. This urge or process is what keeps our body in balance in […]...More

Liberating the Body Introduction

INTRODUCTION Life Is Movement While I was teaching relaxation I learnt that, when we truly relax, our bodies make spontaneous movements which express our own unique needs. This can be seen in yawning and stretching […]...More

Secrets the Body Knows

Liberating the Body Chapter One The Beginnings of Inner-Directed Movement You already know of how to relax enough to allow the beginnings of allowing your body to make its own spontaneous movements. Yawning and sneezing […]...More

Letting the Body Speak

Liberating the Body Chapter Two LETTING YOUR BODY SPEAK   Spontaneous movement was natural to you as a baby. You moved arms and legs in ways that would develop muscles, express feelings and stimulate growth. […]...More

Movement to Wholeness

  Liberating the Body Chapter Three MOVEMENT TO WHOLENESS Discovering Your Power of Growth Although another approach to inner-directed movement will be described below, this is not a suggestion to avoid using the previous approaches. […]...More

Approaches to Liberation

Liberating the Body Chapter Four APPROACHES TO LIBERATION When you have used inner-directed movement to the point where you begin to feel your body and mind are mobile and fluid in it, many possibilities open […]...More

Achieving Spontaneity

The Seitai practitioners I met were more unpretentious about their method than individuals in other approaches I had been with. I was allowed to walk in or out of their practice as easily as one would visit a public swimming baths, and they had the same easy enjoyment of it. With tighter belief syst...More

Your Internal Magic

Liberating the Body Chapter Six YOUR INTERNAL MAGIC THE PEAKS OF EXPERIENCE When you allow your body to ‘play’ with possible movements and feelings; when you allow your emotions to flow and stretch themselves through […]...More

Mind and Movement 1- Introduction

It is new years eve of 1986 as I write this introduction. The book beyond these pages has already been written. Over the past few weeks I have received cards and letters from people who […]...More

Mind and Movement 2 – Mind and Movement

Carl Jung said that within each of us are resources of information and wisdom which are usually overlooked. He called this aspect of human experience The Transcendent Function. People who were able to work with […]...More

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