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The Next Step – The End User

I have met several criticisms of my view of dreams, and the fact that I talk of death, extrasensory perception, out of body experiences and reincarnation as facts, criticism such as, “You have to look […]...More

The Breath Meditation

This is more of a meditation than an exercise, but is important in mobilising inner feelings that lie behind movements. When you begin this meditation, do not be in a hurry to open the hands […]...More

Suicide Example

This is something I started to work on an never quite finished. However it is worth reading and is, I hope, helpful. The following example I think is the best. It is a personal experience. Example: One morning my wife Brenda woke and told […]...More

The Gods Walk Among Us

By Faser Dan Li Gods walk the earth. It’s happening now but we can’t see it. We fail to recognise who the gods are and how they pull at our life and draw us into something we […]...More

Simple Truths

The past was a moment that occurred in a present that moved on and transformed it. Therefore there is no distant past, except as light and distance make it our present. All that occurred in that long ago moment lie with you now, transformed yet alive within you and around you. Therefore do not look...More

Collected Wisdom

Please remember that although the descriptions differ, this is how we experience life, for we might see life as an artist, a scientist, mother, a child, a person in pain, and all the views have similarities and differences, and that is the wonder of people an d this collection....More

Using Spontaneous Voice

This is a little known way of using your intuition A section quoted from Neal Criscuolo and Tony Crisp’s The Hand Book A middle aged Gypsy woman rang my doorbell one day selling heather. She […]...More

Dumb Animals?

Bravery in humans is regarded as one of the most noble things a man or woman can accomplish. Our history books are full of the brave deeds that people have done to make our present life possible. Yet our history books seldom tell us that nature has heroes too!...More

Publishing History – Your Dream Interpreter

Your Dream Interpreter was published in October 2004 in the UK by Cico Books. The book was first conceptualised by Cico publishers and has been a joint effort. This has greatly enriched the contents of […]...More

Your Dream Interpreter

 Your Dream Interpreter In dreams you are freed from the usual restrictions of mind and body, of social rules and personal limitations. But beside meeting your wonderful creativity, you may also meet and transform […]...More

Introduction – Your Dream Interpreter

But dreams do not simply extend your experience and allow you to practice your future actions; they express all the other functions of the human mind and spirit, reaching beyond the limits of waking awareness and your senses. Dreams solve problems; they reflect the state of health of your body and m...More

The Vision of Dreams

Dreams reveal to us things we are ususally blind to That we have a word such as unconscious in our vocabulary means we acknowledge there are things we cannot ‘see’ about our own existence, about […]...More

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