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Considering that I was born two months premature and was given up as dead by the doctor; and considering that this was prior to intesive care; and considering being born is a shit thing to happen to one so young, I have learned a lot about survival. Some of what I learned was to not take shit from authority figures, but to respect those who are of real quality. As I am now 73 I feel I have something to say.

Lessons in Relaxation Part 4

Mind tools are no longer new in the business world. Twenty years ago Charles Roth was teaching American executives how to increase sales by as much as 150% by imagining themselves in various sales situations. This enabled them to practise and develop ready formed ideas and responses in situations t...More

Lessons in Relaxation Part 3

How well can you relax? Have you ever put it to the test? Can you sit and allow effort and tension to slip from you until a gentle feeling of pleasure fills you? Does your body become effortlessly still and calm? When relaxed do your mental processes -slow down like your heartbeat, until your mind ...More

Lessons in Relaxation Part 2

If the millions of gallons of alcoholic drinks, the countless tonnage of tablet tranquillisers and sedatives, and all tobacco were suddenly removed from our society, the amount of noticeable anxiety and tension would increase enormously. Like most Western nations, we use the drugs contained in drink...More

Lessons in Relaxation Part 1

A woman, new to the class, mentioned that during the relaxation she sank into herself in a way which frightened her. In the class held the following week, the woman began to breathe in a very ragged and heavy manner, and her arm was shaking strongly. She seemed to have turned within herself in a ma...More

Major gene discovered that causes dry skin and leads to eczema and asthma

Experts, led by the University of Dundee, have discovered the gene which causes genetic skin conditions affecting millions of people. Experts on genetic skin disorders at the University of Dundee, with collaborators in Dublin, Glasgow, Seattle and Copenhagen, have discovered the gene that causes dr...More

Back Pain and Its Cure

For years I suffered paralysing back pain that re-occurred about every four to six weeks. At those times it was very difficult to move around, and getting in and out of a car took a very long time. Because I had worked for many years in the building industry I thought there was no possibility of cur...More

Yerba Mate

Maté is the national drink of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Even in the 16th century, Spanish explorers described the tea as producing exhileration and energy. Recent research has show the reason for this energy boost is that maté contains caffeine. But users state that unlike the caffe...More

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Fourteen years ago an earnest gardener noticed that when he threw grapefruit seeds onto his compost heap they did not rot. Fortunately, being both a doctor and an Einstein Laureate physicist who specialised in finding natural remedies, he investigated. The result was a remarkable discovery The extr...More

What to do About a Nervous Breakdown

Half the battle of dealing with a breakdown is won by understanding what may have caused the situation. It is difficult, especially if you work or live in a large town, to avoid some degree of this stress illness. I have, myself, twice experienced t h e depression and physical exhaustion of this civ...More

Stress – What is it? Part 1

Usually we think of stress as mental, emotional or physical strain or tension. In this sense we may link stress to how a soldier might feel as he was going into battle; or how we react as our driving test approaches, or as we enter hospital for a surgical operation. Most of us can observe the signs ...More

Cupuaçu (pronounced cc.pwah.soo) – The Magic of the Amazon Rainforest

Cupuaçu is in the same plant family as chocolate, and has similar antioxidants as the powerful grape seed extract. It has similar health benefits to chocolate without the negative effects of the sugar we usually take in when we eat chocolate. Not only does Cupuaçu contain those health benefits, bu...More

Açaí – The Amazonian Wonder Berry

Analysis of the berries has found they contain large amounts of vitamin C, vitamin E, and more antioxidants than other fruits. They are also rich in phytonutrients. These are the colourants in the skin of the berry that are also powerful antioxidants. In fact the açaí berry contains more than fiv...More

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