Interesting People

Hadad – The Rogue Yogi – Superminds 6

Dr. Donald Wilson discovered Hadad while he was researching drug addiction in Leavenworth prison in the USA.[1] Little is known of Hadad except what Dr. Wilson was able to observe in the short time he […]...More

Your Weird and Wonderful Mind

What would you do if you had a squiggy grey jelly in a round container about the size of a football? You could of course scare your friends with it by getting them to touch […]...More

The Man Who Remembered Everything – Superminds 2

Solomon Shereshevskii had a memory so perfect that he could recall every minute of his life in graphic detail. This fantastic capacity was further distinguished by the fact that he could “feel” images, “taste” colours, […]...More

Edgar Cayce and the Cosmic Mind – Superminds 3

Edgar Cayce had many strange abilities. One was discovered when he was a young child and could’t remember how to spell the words he was learning at school. After struggling to memorise the spelling with […]...More

Eileen Garrett – Psychic – Superminds 5

Eileen was born in the Irish countryside. She loved dogs and horses, but was shy of  people. They seemed to be insensitive to what she felt. Her parents died when she was young, an aunt […]...More

Rafael Schermann – Graphologist Extraordinary – Superminds 8

Graphology is the study of handwriting, and has many uses. Some businesses ask a skilled graphologist to examine the handwriting of people seeking top jobs in their company. The graphologist would describe the person’s strengths […]...More

Journey Through The Mind – Superminds 9

Jesse Watkins had led an ordinary but adventurous life prior to the day when the doors in his mind opened revealing experiences he had never previously thought possible. At 17 he had gone to work […]...More

Padre Pio – Modern Saint – Superminds 11

When looking at the things Padre Pio experienced in his life, things seen by witnesses and doctors, we may believe there is no scientific explanation for them. Such things are often called supernatural. The word […]...More

Evelyn’s Dowsing Adventures – Superminds 11

Evelyn never went to a school of dowsing. In some cultures, African for instance, long training is given. In his book Lightning Bird, Lyall Watson describes how student sensitives are trained. Part of their training is to find lost objects. They are made to practice and practice until their success ...More

Animal Children – Superminds 13

Their stories tell us that it is not our DNA which is the cause of our personality with its traits, it is a blend of so many things, including the learning of language, our cultural influence and our upbringing....More

Helen Keller – The Sighted Blind – Superminds 14

Until she was nineteen months old, Helen was a normal happy baby living with loving parents. At that age she had just started to talk, and had learnt one word when playing outside in the […]...More

I Died – But I’m Alive – Superminds 16

When young Debbie N. was dying in hospital, she suddenly started saying to the nurses that her brother had come to meet her and he was telling her not to be afraid of death. The […]...More

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