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Dreams and the Art of Mid-Lifery

Written by Jim Klein At times I feel like I’m 48 going on 18. Five years ago I somewhat belatedly discovered myself to be a mid-lifer. I’m unsure why or exactly how it happened but […]...More


My son Leon – Is the technical support person behind Leon Crisp CEO and Founder at Richmond, Greater London, United Kingdom Information Technology and Services Current        Create, update and assign any […]...More

Swaps Camera for Rifle

2762927 AC2 Crisp swaps his camera for a rifle Bodybuilding   news    and   gossip    by JOHN MENDES, PRO to the National Amateur Bodybuilders’ Association   OVER the last year many readers have admired the sparkling physique photographs […]...More

The Big Hunger

This is a description of an exploration of an old problem. I had started working but my friend wanted to press different part of my spine. I felt I didn't want this as it was disturbing my feelings because she was moving all the time. But one spot she touched was interesting....More

My Journey through Dreams

A personal account by a woman who wishes to be anonymous Being able to finally understand and put a label to these dreams gave me a lot of relief-- and further whetted my appetite for such things! I began to think about all the dreams I had had as a child, and the ones I had in the present as wel...More

Tony’s Photos Three

These are photos I took in my Garden. When I look at them I am amazed at how much beauty there is in the world....More

Tony’s Photo’s Two

Here are some of the people I photographed, from show people to friends....More

Tony’s Photo’s One

  This is my bodybuilding days of photography. I was sixteen years old and had started my own business. Then at 17 I had to do national service and after two years things had changed […]...More

Collected Wisdom

Here is a massive collection of wisdom taken from some of the greats of the spirit. There is everything here from after death experiences to prophecies of the future. Because it is so vast I […]...More

Questions asked by Maxine to Tony & Hyone

Tony Questioned by Maxine Birch December 11th 1992 Maxine is the Senior Lecturer at Open University, Faculty of Health & Social Care in Oxford, UK The Self – what is it? Connected – Am I connected to […]...More

My Life in Death

I was trying to explore the feelings of love that I have for different people. As I did this, I began to see that I have been influenced in the way I see myself by the views of other people. For instance, our culture promotes the idea that to love only one person is the highest good. I know there ar...More

Inspiring Stories

Help is at Hand Bel Geddes only had $5.83 left when he sat in a park and noticed a magazine lying next to him. Flicking through the magazine he noticed an article saying that the […]...More

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