Interesting People

Tony’s Photos Three

These are photos I took in my Garden. When I look at them I am amazed at how much beauty there is in the world....More

Tony’s Photo’s Two

Here are some of the people I photographed, from show people to friends....More

Tony’s Photo’s One

  This is my bodybuilding days of photography. I was sixteen years old and had started my own business. Then at 17 I had to do national service and after two years things had changed […]...More

Collected Wisdom

Here is a massive collection of wisdom taken from some of the greats of the spirit. There is everything here from after death experiences to prophecies of the future. Because it is so vast I […]...More

Questions asked by Maxine to Tony & Hyone

Tony Questioned by Maxine Birch December 11th 1992 Maxine is the Senior Lecturer at Open University, Faculty of Health & Social Care in Oxford, UK The Self – what is it? Connected – Am I connected to […]...More

My Life in Death

I was trying to explore the feelings of love that I have for different people. As I did this, I began to see that I have been influenced in the way I see myself by the views of other people. For instance, our culture promotes the idea that to love only one person is the highest good. I know there ar...More

Inspiring Stories

Help is at Hand Bel Geddes only had $5.83 left when he sat in a park and noticed a magazine lying next to him. Flicking through the magazine he noticed an article saying that the […]...More

The Me I Was Then

By Tony Crisp As a skinny, sunken chested and spotty thirteen year old, I started walking the mile to school instead of riding the bus. A beautiful blonde Swedish pen friend had dumped me, and […]...More

I The Animal

But there is a darker side too. A young man of usually gentle behaviour, whose work in his home town in USA, was to spray peoples lawn with a powerful weedkiller, abruptly murdered one of his clients. He had suddenly, and quite out of character, wanted to urinate while working. Instead of finding a ...More


Super Minds is a series of true life stories of weird and wonderful minds. Like the man who could remember EVERYTHING that ever happened to him, or the extraordinary abilities of the boy brought up by WOLVES....More

From Black Slave to Genius – Superminds 14

The Man Who Talked With Flowers In 1860 a baby boy was born to a black slave woman living on a plantation in Missouri. The child was weak, and while still tiny slave raiders attacked […]...More

Hadad – The Rogue Yogi – Superminds 6

Dr. Donald Wilson discovered Hadad while he was researching drug addiction in Leavenworth prison in the USA.[1] Little is known of Hadad except what Dr. Wilson was able to observe in the short time he […]...More

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