Pregnancy & Childbirth

It’s All Happening – Am I Pregnant

The absence of menstruation is often the first sign one has, although by itself this is by no means proof, as many women miss periods for many other reasons. Also, despite being pregnant, a small or short period may occur....More

The Mind of a Newborn

Emotion, a language for all ages, is worn on babies' faces. We are late in acknowledging this. Watch your infant for expressions of happiness, surprise, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, interest, and distress....More

The Significance of Infant Bonding in the Development of Self and Relationships

While many therapists, counselors, and child and youth professionals may never work directly with infants, the issues of birth trauma and bonding have clear implications for practitioners who deal with a broad range of behavioral, emotional, and relational issues presented by children and adults....More

The Mysterious Power of Children-To-Be

"I'm not one to go around seeing things, visions or otherwise. However, I was now very curious. So I asked the figure who it was. I started to repeat my question when I suddenly knew the answer. This being was waiting to come through us. The 'us' was my lover and I. This being would be our baby, our...More

Coming from the Light

Sarah's approach is deeply spiritual and reverent. She presents more than thirty inspiring personal stories from parents and adoptive parents, describing connections with their children before conception and during pregnancy (or the pre-adoption period). Sarah's own experiences are perhaps the most ...More

My Needs As a Premature Baby

Because your baby is so tiny, it doesn’t mean she or he will not become a usefully contributing member of society. But it’s unusual beginnings may give it a different perspective on life and relationships than someone born full term. This difference can be the source of great creativity. So enab...More

Children Of Our Dreams

In the years that have passed since my own son appeared to me, I have continued collecting stories from other parents and have discussed this phenomenon in live lectures, on the radio, and on television. Each time I "go public" with this information, I hear from parents who thought they were the onl...More

Lumpkin – The Baby Who Became Tony

The other main pattern put in place by my infant years, was the foundations upon which would be built a terror of losing the one I loved and the compulsion to be loved as desperately and urgently as I myself loved. In this way the scene was set for the drama of my destiny to unfold. ...More

The Baby In Your Dream

The baby in your dream might be hungry or ill. It might be wonderfully advanced and already able to speak. Whatever the condition, this is a description of what is happening with the newly emerging or vulnerable part of you. Therefore try to put into words what you see or feel the condition of the b...More

Inducing Breastmilk – with or without pregnancy – men too.

This guide to maximizing breastmilk production came about as a result of Lenore’s own experience with induced lactation. In 1999, she set about trying to find a way to bring in a milk supply for her son who was to be born via gestational surrogacy. Lenore contacted Dr. Newman as soon as she learne...More

Influencing Your Unborn Child

'Don't you see that you can create beauty in building beautiful children?' I asked her. Gradually I could see her wistfulness and dissatisfaction disappear; her attitude toward housework and child care changed. Years later when I met her at a lecture I was giving in Philadelphia she showed me th...More

Fathers Are an Essential Part of the Human Environment

Yet, I remain, if not optimistic, at least hopeful. Social forces are powerful, but not quite as powerful as a loving individual. I look around and see lots of men attempting sometimes successfully, sometimes not, sometimes with ease, sometimes with difficulty, to be good fathers. They are, for the ...More

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