Pregnancy & Childbirth

As a mother or father, you are the gateway for the future to enter and transform the world. Like a temple to the highest, keep your being clean and beautiful. Reach out to the highest when you conceive. And feed that new life not only with nature’s good substance, but with ideas, music, stories and love.

Spirit-Child: The Aboriginal Experience of Pre-Birth Communication

Ngalia: Spirit-children have dark hair with light-colored streaks. They sit under shady trees, waiting for a compatible mother to pass by. Meanwhile they eat the gum of acacia trees, and drink morning dew. ...More

Fertility and the Mind Body Connection

I urge you to not approach meditation/relaxation as another regime, project or task to get you pregnant. I would, however, invite you to covet this quiet time as a time to rejuvenate, refresh and to give to yourself regardless of what the outcome will be. Create for yourself opportunities to go insi...More

Midwife, Intuitive, and Healer: A Conversation with Teresa Robertson

Early on I had a patient who needed a repeat procedure. What she shared with me dramatically changed my counseling approach. She said, in reference to her pregnancy, "I just wasn't ready to let go of that part of me and my boyfriend last week." From that moment on, I have talked to women who are con...More

A Psychotherapeutic Experience of Premature Birth

Seen from this level of experience, that of the uterine baby, God is a projection. You were in connection with a great creator, the mother. You were at one with them, but now you have been cast out of the Garden of Eden, so you have lost your contact with God, the creator in whose bosom you had exis...More

Violence in the Womb

In the column "Perspectives on Violence" we will offer the views of persons who have made important contributions to understanding the prenatal/perinatal roots of personal and social violence. In addition to these excerpts you will find "Featured Paper" where a paper is reprinted in full. ...More

A Method to Shorten Labour

If you can read the book Back Labor No More!!: What Every Woman Should Know Before Labor do so. It has more detail and some case histories that are interesting. But don't hesitate to try using the alignment. It is completely non-invasive, and at the very worst can make no difference to the birth ...More

Honoring Mother: A Blessing Way Ceremony

My mother was called in by her doctor to receive the results of her annual medical exam. This week she is 77 years old. Her doctor said that it is rare that he can tell a patient such great news. The hole in her mitral valve has sealed on its own! He is astounded, doesn’t know how it happened. ...More

The Maternal Womb: The First Musical School for the Baby

Finally, I am hopeful that the scientific contributions of neuroscience, genetics, and psychology will help to illuminate the nature of the very early musical responsiveness which appears to be an innate function of all human beings. ...More

Breathing In and Out of Labour

Everything that we do involves our whole being. But of course different activities alter the balance between the parts of our total self. For instance, if I am swimming, some of the blood may have been taken away from the digestive tract to be circulated in the voluntary muscles. Thus the rate of di...More

Movements to Aid in Pregnancy

This may sound like too much to ask. But frankly, the more you put into parenthood, the more you will get out of it. Certainly it will be more of a personally creative event....More

Sugar Linked to Birth Defects

"The idea that a sugar surge in the maternal blood could cause spina bifida, while not impossible, would need quite a lot of corroboration because there are so many other things that feed into the metabolic process."...More

Infantile “Amnesia” is Dead!

The old belief that infants are mentally incompetent has isolated them and delayed discovery of their elementary abilities. More importantly, this belief has obscured the evidence for higher perception, telepathic communication, and subtle forms of knowing which we have discovered in various forms o...More

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