The Shining Mouse

The Shining Mouse There was once a time, and there always will be, when a man lived alone in a little house. He was really quite happy, because the house had most things he needed […]...More

Experiment in Intuition

As an experiment while staying with my son at Cambridge he asked me questions to be responded to by spontaneous voice. To me, the responses were so marked I want to record at least one […]...More

The God of Spinoza-Einstein

The Above Image is of the Entry in Spinoza’s  Time of Him being Banned By His Peers When Einstein gave lectures at numerous US universities, the recurring question that students asked him was: – Do […]...More

The Convergence of Chinese Guanxi and Western Networking

The Convergence of Chinese Guanxi and Western Networking Abstract Recent years have seen a shift in emphasis in marketing from a transaction-based perspective to a relational perspective. The Chinese custom of guanxi, as practiced in […]...More

How Can I Meet God/Life Face to Face?

Well there is one firm statement how to meet God in the bible, it is, “Be still and know that I am God.” It is so simple and yet because we are human we are […]...More

How can We Talk to the Dead and They can Talk With Us?

I know from personal experience what it is like to talk as the apparently dead to the living. This is because I had an extraordinary bodyless experience while serving in the RAF in Germany . […]...More

Pen and Pencil

Desire to communicate; occasionally male genitals because of shape. Taking pen to paper: It suggests an urge to express your creativity or to communicate an idea for you to remember. It also could be a […]...More

Dependence Attachments


Writing it all down – Don’t be fooled, it can work

The work of Dr. Caron Kent, is summarised in his book The Puzzled Body. He began to explore himself because of his own need to deal with his depression by giving himself regular time at a […]...More

You Cannot Have What You Deny Yourself


Archetype of the Home


Archetype of Marriage


Brick In The Wall


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