Allow Allowed

This is a very powerful word. It usually deal with what you allow yourself to be, to express, to do and to dare. It can be the huge divide between satisfaction and a life of frustration. It also links with our decision making, how we decide to allow our sexual feelings, our love, our energy and our life to be. It also rests upon what we understand about yourself. Without a good understanding of what we are and how we work we can make a terrible mess of our decisions and what we allow. It is important to read What we Need To Remember about Dreams and Life also The Mammalian and Reptile Brain. The reason being that if we do not understand where our urges and drives emerge from we will not be able to decide what to allow to express and what to avoid, and that can lead to terrible results in our life.

The other thing about allowing is that if you have an allowing attitude to your core self or highest self it can bring amazing things to you because it allows you to grow beyond yourself. See The Keyboard Condition and The LifeStream.

Example: In fact I can allow myself to be free to wear something beautiful the way I feel about myself changes. It isn’t that I have to make a big effort to be good, I realised many years ago that growth happens naturally, and if I allow it the goodness shines out by itself.

Example: Actually the thing is I had to break up with my boy friend almost two years back because my parents didn’t allow me.

Example: I am in a room with 3 other women. I’m tired. It’s late at night. I sit on a woman’s lap. We are wearing costumes of some kind. She has her arms around me and kisses me. She tries to “French kiss” me. At first, I don’t let her. Then I do. It’s not a French kiss, like with tongues. It’s like touching the core of something. The lips, a regular kiss, were there and in the center, like in the center of a flower, was a moist, tender, very sensitive to feeling something. We touched “cores.” I felt slightly repelled but allowed it to happen. Something in my mind was assuring me this is O.K. It’s always been forbidden but now it is O.K. and nice to do. It is important to do. She holds me in a caring way.

The examples illustrate the differences between allowing and not allowing. The last example shows how the woman allows herself to experience her core self.

Useful Questions and Hints:

In the dream are you allowing or not allowing?

If you are allowing what is it you are allowing – ask yourself where does the impulse come from?

In the past when you allowed this to happen what was the results?

See People’s Experience of LifeStream and Talking As.

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