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(Back Carrying on backSomeone on Back)  (Beard) (BloodBleeding From CrackOn GroundOn Clothes Blood SampleSucked Sexual Dark Blood) (Bone Burying – Backbone – Digging Up Bones)  (Bowel) (Brow or Forehead)  (Brain No BrainSomething cut out)  (Breath-breathing)  (Breasts Woman’s DreamIn Man’s Dream)  (Buttocks)

(Calf) (Chest – Man’s DreamHealthy Woman’s Dream)  (Chin) (Colon Bowel)

(Ears) (Eyes Blindness Loss Sight Right EyeLoss Sight Left EyeLoss of Eye ContactClosed EyesMany Eyes Hair in Eye)

(Face Someone Elses FaceBlushingSomething Wrong with Face – Changing ones Face or HeadHiding Ones FaceNo Face)  (Feet Barefoot Loss of Foot or Feet)  (Forehead)

(Hair Baldness BeardBrushing Hair – Changing Hair StyleChest HairColour of HairCombing Hair Cutting off BeardCutting Hair Right OffDark Hair – Disheveled HairFair HairGenital or Armpit Hair – Hair on chest of Female or ChildLong MattedLong Hair – Plaited or Pony Tail Pubic HairTight StyleVery Long BeardWhite beardWig – Woman’s Dreams Leg or Armpit Hair) (Hand Fingers Claw Like HandsDirty HandsFingernailsFist Handshake Palm of HandRough Hands)  (Head Head Without a Body)  (Heart) (Hip)

(Internal Organs)



(Legs Having no LegsOne Leg Shorter than the otherHand on LegSmooth or Hairy Legs Trying to Run but Legs do not Respond)  (Lungs)

(Mouth – Pulling stuff out of MouthChewingMouth Fixed ClosedTeeth Coming Out of Mouth)  (Muscles)

(Navel) (Neck Back of NeckHead Hanging offHeld by Back of NeckHung from NeckGripping Neck or StrangledThick NeckSmall or thin Neck)   (Nose Broken NoseMalformed Nose)

(Ovaries and Uterus)

(Paralysed or Paralysis)  (Pelvis In a Woman’s  Dream)  (Penis Replaced by a VaginaLoss of Penis Penis Turns into a Snake Bleeding from PenisIn a Woman’s Dream)


(Shoulders) (Skin Animal SkinRough SkinBurnt SkinSeeing through SkinShed SkinSpots Blemishes MolesSomething or Stuff on SkinThings Escaping from Under Skin) –Spine

(Teeth Baby Tooth or TeethBad ToothBig or Small TeethCaninesClenched TeethDirty TeethDracula Type TeethFinding a ToothHaving Teeth Attended to No TeethSingle ToothSpitting out lots of TeethSwallowing TeethTeeth Falling outCrowns falling Out Tooth Being Pulled OutToothless Woman Swallowing TeethFalse Teeth)  (Testicles Woman’s DreamMan’s Dream)  (Tongue)

(Umbilical Cord)

(Vagina In a Woman’s DreamBleeding VaginaIn a Man’s DreamBleeding Vagina in Man’s Dream)


Abdomen Abdominal

Your dream may be directly about your physical health or diet needs. If so it will in some way be connected with food or activities bringing illness or health.

Almost half the dreams on file that mention abdomen, belly or stomach, show the dreamer being shot, as in the example below. This is obviously to do with a particular type of hurt. When human beings learned to stand up, they exposed their vulnerable underbelly. If we are hurt or threatened we tense the pelvic and abdominal area. The sort of hurt referred to is that related to when we might be deeply criticised, feel badly wronged or slandered. This area often feels the pain of a broken relationship too.

So this might point to vulnerability, or the sort of hurt that results from being deeply criticised, badly wronged or slandered. This area often feels the pain of a broken relationship too.

Pleasure in this area show a sense of integration within yourself and with the world.  The solar plexus also links with hunger, the longing to be held, desire to give of yourself, or to be at the real or figurative breast. If these urges have been hurt, we tend to hold ourselves back from active social expression or intimacy in relationships.

We link the abdomen with ‘gut feelings’ or intuition; feeling reactions in a relationship. For instance we use such phrases as ‘you make me sick’ – ‘I can’t stomach what you’re doing’ – ‘you haven’t got the guts’ – ‘like being hit in the guts’ – ‘I’m really hungry for you’. See: solar plexus.

The opposite is to dream of waves of pleasure moving within us, which gives us a sense of integration within ourselves and with the world.

The solar plexus might also link with the potential of our fully active natural drives such as hunger; longing to be held; desire to give of oneself. If these are hurt, we tend to hold ourselves back from active social expression or intimacy in relationships.

The dream might point to gut feelings or intuition; feeling reactions in a relationship. For instance in the English language we use such phrases as you make me sick – I cant stomach what you’re doing – you haven’t got the guts like being hit in the guts – I’m really hungry for you.

Our abdomen is our digestive ability, both physically and psychologically. See absorb

Stomach or abdominal dreams may refer to some dis-ease in the actual organs. We might not be able to stomach something we have met in the everyday world. We may not be integrating our experience.

In a woman’s dream: May refer to her childbearing ability or pregnancy.

Shot in the belly: something to do with sex, a painful response to relationship, or feeling a target of someone’s verbal or emotional attack.

To vomit: A discharging of unpleasant feelings resulting from ingesting, hearing, reading, being told, experiencing, something unpleasant.

Example: The people watching are saying Kill her! Kill her! Kill her! Then someone finds an extra bullet, puts it in the gun and shoots me in the stomach. I wake with my body completely straight with my hands on my stomach. I feel my whole body cracking up inside. Vanessa. LBC

Vanessa wakes to just such tension, with a sense of her body being fragmented. In her dream Vanessa was re-enacting a disaster in which a man rampaged and shot down many people, and she was feeling the fear it engendered.

Here is a very interesting example of relating to such hurt.

I was getting ready to leave and this dark haired guy told me I couldn’t leave, I felt scared and was going to leave anyways, he pulled out a pistol and shot me in the stomach. I fell down, but there was no blood. The thoughts in my head was, “OH NO”. Next thing I remember is that I was still on the floor in the same place and I got up and I remembered being shot but I didn’t seem to have any pain or blood and was moving normally etc. I started looking for a way to leave I was sneaking around trying not to get noticed so that I could get out of there w/o the shooter guy seeing me.

The interesting thing is that even though she could see no hurt came from being shot, yet she was still scared of the guy with the shooter. And it is overcoming such fears that can release you from fears and hurts that haunt us. See What we Need to Remember About Dreaming.

Idioms: Belly aching; have a bellyful; eyes bigger than ones belly; have a strong stomach; turn ones stomach; butterflies in stomach.

Useful questions are:

What was happening in this area in terms of my feeling responses to people and events?

What was the feeling involved?

Was there pain or swelling that might indicate emotional wounds?

Might it have something to do with digesting new experiences in my life?

Is there a health or diet issue that is causing some concern?

See Body



Painful and withheld emotions or memories. Occasionally it might represent a site of actual physical illness. Perhaps the abscess represents a situation in which old and painful experiences are coming to the surface to be dealt with.

The part of the body on which the abscess appears might give a clue to what part of yourself in terms of personality or abilities the dis-ease is felt.

Abscess still swollen and unrelieved: Emotions still repressed and may be causing psychological infection – influencing views and decisions negatively. The dream abscess may also represent a site of physical illness which may or may not be obvious while awake. In the example below, the abscess has released its pus, or painful feelings, perhaps through Hilary’s prolonged crying. The emotions are, with Hilary, affecting her ‘grasp’. She also uses other imaged word play in ‘near the knuckle’. Washing up shows her clearing away the influence of her ‘evening meal’ of experience. See: individuationbody dreams.

Example: ‘Was looking at my knuckle and saw that I had a nasty boil which had come away as I did the washing up and all that was left was a big hole, pink and healthy looking skin around. It felt very close to my knuckle bone. My lover had told me he was leaving me for good, and going back to his children. That evening, I cried most of the night.’ Hilary K.

Useful questions are:

What part of my body is this on, and am I aware of any problem in that area?

Are there painful past experiences, or irritating thoughts that may still be causing dis-ease in my life?

What does that part of my body represent psychologically? (Look it up in the rest of the dictionary, i.e. armlegschest.)

Explore you dream by using Dream Processing.



Indicates where we may be holding back the energy relevant to that part of the body. A man who dreamt of an ache in his throat later discovered in therapy that he had been holding back emotions about his father who had died suddenly. On release he was able to say how much he loved his father. Look up part of body to see what the ache might relate to.An ache is a warning that all is not well. Perhaps some part of the body has been hard used, or your dream could be using your body symbolically .

An ache is a distress connected with wherever the ache appears in the dream. For instance an ache in the chest probably refers to heartache or unexpressed emotions, and therefore pain about relationship. See: Body for the various parts of the anatomy the ache may appear in the dream.

An ache can also show a problem in that are of the body that is not yet acute enough for you to be aware of it consciously. An ache can also suggest a longing for or about something, thus the idiom. Idioms: Heartache.

Example: I continually have a dream that I have an earache. The pain in my dream is excruciating, then I wake up and there is no earache. Any ideas? Could I be grinding my teeth to cause this problem. S.

When questioned S said she did have a slight problem with a tooth at the back of her jaw on the same side as the dream toothache. Such tooth problems can lead to ear infections. So they are worth taking notice of, an done should check out ones health in the area. See the example under Body.

In Chest: Withheld emotions.

Lower back: Sexual energy blocked. See Back Pain

Useful questions are:

Is this about a psychological ache I have or a physical problem?

Am I aching/longing for something – if so what is it? See: bodyArmLegsHead.

Does this connect with any ache or discomfort while I am awake?

If I imagine myself in the dream, what feelings or intuitions arise about the ache? SeeDream Visualisation for help with this. Also Talking As.



The area of our nervous system around the anus and genitals is highly sensitive in babyhood. So it may link with the self expression, the pleasure, and the feelings of deep connection the baby feels in this area. As it also links with the huge experience of learning self control, and how ones parents dealt with you going to the toilet, so it can also connect with holding on or letting go; control or relaxation; pleasure or guilt. This in turn could involve feelings of success or failure. Therefore it associates with your WILL. feeling punished and treated like a child, to feelings or arousal and sexual pleasure.

The anus also deals with what we get rid of that our body does not use. So it can link with the experiences or the attitudes that we want to or need to get rid of. These are the waste products of our life.

If relaxed: Easy self expression.

If tense: Not letting go of feelings you might be judging as ‘shitty’; feelings to do with being hurt or holding back. The holding back might link with sexual pleasure or performance.

If playing with or being entered by penis or finger: Introverted sexuality; self pleasure; narcissism. Perhaps self examination.

Excrement: The negative emotions and ideas we might not want to let go of; sometimes money; worry over something judged unclean; a cleansing or need for cleansing of inner feelings, such as guilt, inhibitions, resentments, hate, worry, or fear.

Holding or letting go: How we give of ourselves; whether we can ‘let go’; our generosity or lack of it.

Idioms: Talking out of arse; pain in the arse; an arsehole; head up the arse; disappears up; all tits and arsehole – no ability to reason. See: excrement.

Useful questions are:

Does this in any way relate to childhood feelings, and if so what are they?

Is there any connection with sexual pleasure in the dream?

Is anything emerging from the anus, and if so what does it suggest I am discharging?

Use Acting on your dream



Something within yourself that may become a problem; an internal problem; possibly referring to the appendix itself. But it is often a psychological or a physical or energy problem as the following example shows. The man was using LifeStream.

Example: The movement involved not only the hips swaying left and right, but also the shoulders, or at least, whole rib cage, swinging left and right, in opposition to the hips. The result of this was an extraordinary amount of pain internally. The areas of pain wereappendix area, liver area, left and right side of chest.

So intense was the pain I could only do the movement slowly and carefully at first. I was surprised at the degree of pain, also at the pain in the right of the chest, and area I have never felt discomfort. The nearest I can arrive at a description is to liking it to muscular cramp. As one massages such cramp it gradually melts. Such was the internal feelings, as if the intense pain were being massaged away, broken down, dispersed, as a lump melted.

As the pain was dispersed, the movement became more flowing and active. Last week I had to rest frequently during this movement, but this week it kept on for 30 or 40 minutes causing much heat and perspiration.

If you have had appendicitis: Feelings you associate with that time.

Having appendix out: Inner pain or problem needing attention or being attended to.

Useful questions are:

What am I vaguely aware of that might be a grumbling problem needing attention?

Do I have actual discomfort in the area of my appendix – lower right abdomen – if so maybe I should have a check?

What do I need to remove from my attitudes or from my past experience?

See Life’s Little Secrets and Easy Dream Interpretation

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