This represents the side of yourself that you may keep in the background. It is sometimes called the shadow or the parts of yourself that do not dominate. It might link with feelings or traits you are ashamed of, or with a sense of your own inadequacy – what is usually called lack of self worth. It might also link with the desire to ‘drop out’; to avoid involvement in society; or a cringing, passive attitude; passive anger; feeling poor in spirit – ‘low’. Or it may be a sense of being without talents or worth, of being an outsider.

In a few cases, a wise man lies hidden under the rough exterior who can tell you the secrets of your life and destiny. As such it shows the wisdom and strength gained by meeting the loss of all material support and social standing. See: archetypes of beggar; archetype of outcast and archetype of the shadow.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Is there a part of myself I am denying in some way?

Why am I hiding this part of myself?

How am I relating to this character, and how might I improve the relationship?

Try using Talking As and Processing Dreams.


-ANNA 2015-01-21 15:29:46

HELLO, My name is Anna and here I found something interesting on the Beggar archetype. I have been struggling with him – I am sure it is a “he” in my case, for years, not being able to figure out his message to me! I have not met him in my dreams, I have the Beggar in my second house, the house of life values, finances, ownership, my relationship to earthly power, personal values, resources and self-esteem – according to Caroline Myss,. When it comes to finances, well, I am “out there”, not broke, but living from month to month, . My problem is that I do not seem to figure out what his message is to me? or what to do with him?
I am writing to you for ideas?

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