This can indicate the past, or something you are unaware of. Or it can link with something that was ‘alive’ and influential in your life at some time, but is now left behind perhaps like a seashell on a beach left behind by what was living in it. It might therefore link with someone or something being left, or a phase of your life that has been passed through.

Remember that dream images and actions are often only used to suggest something other than directly what is dreamt about. So seeing something behind something or someone or hidden behind something can relate to the dream.

Example: I dreamt I was aiming to get out of a house. I had a feeling it was deserted, and I was pulling my dad with me. My father looked tall and thin and rather worse for wear, so I had to support him – and at the same time I knew it was me I was pulling along. We had to pass through a room to get to the front door. As we entered the room I had a feeling it was haunted in some way – there was a sort of heavy threatening feeling about it. I got the door open to the front door but my father was gone – disappeared. In his place was a young woman about late twenties; so I caught her arm and pulled her out of the building.

When I explored the dream the result I got was – It was that the old deserted building was representation of an old way of life and attitudes I had lived in years passed – that was why it was deserted. The heavy atmosphere and haunting of the room was a hangover of depression and negative thinking I used to have that could still be felt at times. And my father/me was an attitude or view of myself I have at times, one of a worn out old man. I was in a hurry to get out of the building into the sunlit street. My father/me disappearing was that I had let go of that attitude, and the woman depicted opportunity.

Here is a clear illustration of how the person you dream about is often an aspect of your own feelings. Your father, lover, boy friend may be just representing your own feelings.

Some sentences taken from dreams show its many significance’s:

“But behind that was a need for a companion who would be with me in a particular way.” – “The UK is way up in the forties and fifties, so we are weeks behind you.” – “there are so many subtle things that we might be missing; many of us live very much in our thoughts or emotions, so are within the restrictions of a belief system, and dreams can illustrate dimensions of us that can leave those restrictions behind.” – “saw the baby and a voice from behind her told her.” – “now I hear a few people behind me saying that he is hear to collect the murder weapon.” – “came into my bed and said he saw a man behind the door.”

If this is your buttocks: See: buttocks.

If you are left behind: Feelings of not being as good as other people; feeling burdened with things that prevent you from being accepted by others; feeling you can’t keep up with what is needed.

Someone behind you: Something or someone that you may not be aware of and your dream is bringing it to your attention. It might suggest you are turning your back on someone or something. The person can be from the past; or they can be someone who is supporting you, backing you up, or that you gain strength from. See: Back.

Voice invisible giving advice behind you: This is very often the voice of your intuition speaking from a very informed position.

See: back; left behind; behind under positions.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it that is behind, and what does this suggest is in the past or that you are not aware of?

What is it you are behind in, or how are you comparing yourself with others?

Are you now becoming aware of something that was previously out of sight?

Try talking as the thing or person behind. It can often be a revelation. Talking As and also Simple Dream Interpretation.

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