You can simple exist without thought or motivation and so ‘be’. You can in a dream know yourself as another being, such as a different person, an animal or a different state of mind. Or you can become very aware of your present state of being and your possible future.

You can dream about a spiritual being, and that is you reaching beyond your normal self and experiencing, or the potential of experiencing a wider view of life and it purpose. Sometimes the spiritual being is now there are a form, but as a principle, a force or function in nature or the cosmos.

Example: I experienced something that I find difficult to describe. First of all I was aware of a being who lived without any apparent physical form and in the dimensions that I do not know. It was communicating with me, then suddenly it touched me. This was perhaps something like being electrocuted except that it was not at all painful or destructive. Every part of me seemed to vibrate as an enormous charge of influence hit me. I had no awareness of having a physical body because it felt as if for moments I was transformed into existing in a new way. During that period there was no need to breathe and it felt as if my being was frozen in a physical sense. I have no idea why that being touched me or what happened when that huge hit of energy was in me.

It then explained to me that because of what we humans are doing to the earth it was necessary to use some humans as channels for the passage of energy into the physical world. When it started communicating to me the things we were doing to the earth I at first thought it was going to lay blame on us and suggest we were causing a crisis. It seemed immediately aware of what I was thinking/feeling and communicated what felt like a smile, though there was no face or body to be aware of. Then it communicated to me that – my words – it was no big deal and they would deal with it. That the problem was not simply with what we were doing to the earth. The problem was that what we were doing brought the earth out of harmony with the rest of the solar system. I had some sense of harmonics in the relationship between the planets, and understood that the passage of energy through humans was to help balance the earth again in harmonic relationship.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How do you relate to the word ‘being’ and what does it mean to you?

Have you ever been in a different body or creature in a dream?

Does it ever happen that you meet beings not of our dimension?

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