A bell in your dream can be a warning, a signal or something calling for your attention. It might also be a summons, depending on its context in the dream. See Context Theme

A bell such as that in a church might indicate rejoicing; it might be a signal that someone has died, or suggestion of a wedding, originally a warning for the whole community, or simply a practice of bell ringing.

Occasionally in some dreams it is a reference to breasts which swing like bells. See Like Bells.

Telephone bell: Someone trying to get your attention or an attempt to communicate.

Doorbell: Something new coming into your life – negative or positive depending on dream; hoping for contact with someone.

The Final Bell: This suggests the last chance to do whatever the dream indicates. It is worth attending to it.

Diving bell: It indicates that you are ready to go into the deep unconscious – or are already exploring it. See Unconscious – What Is It ?

Ringing bell: If it is a door bell you are pressing then you are trying to get someone’s attention or trying to experience what is behind the door –  all of our fears, the devil, the angels. All that we place behind the door within ourselves. And they are only available to us if we walk through the door. See Pandora’s Box

If you are in the house and hear the door bell ring, it suggest an opportunity; the unexpected; new experience or relationship.

Idioms: all the bells and whistles; bells and whistles; clear as a bell; had his bell rung; hell’s bells; rings a bell; with bells on.


Useful Questions and Hints:

How am I responding to the bell, and what does this suggest about my relationship with what it signals?

Am I the one ringing the bell – if so what am I trying to do?

What do I feel is coming into my life?

Try being the bell or a person in your dream by using Being the Person or Thing.


-chantelle 2017-04-27 3:10:43

what if it is just loud bells and nothing else

-Charlie 2017-01-17 17:53:03

I had this dream where me with a bunch of guys were trying to ring this bell but it was too heavy to pull on the rope to ring the bell it would often ring once or twice but no more we would keep having goes trying to ring it. What would this mean

-Luiza 2015-09-25 9:48:01

Hello, I saw a dream about a big bell over the roof of my house. And I remember yelling to my husband not to ring it but he did, the noise was not very loud it sound like it was far away. What does that mean?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-10-08 9:43:00

    Dear Luiza – I think the understanding of your dream depends on what you associate with the expression “to ring somebody’s bell”.
    What I associate with it is that you are protecting yourself from “being turned on.”
    This might refer to a sexual meaning, but it could also symbolise your (inner) husband trying to move you into some other form of physiological or psychological action.
    The noise was probably not very loud, because you protect yourself from “hearing it” and so probably from feeling that you have to respond to it.
    To understand the idea of having an inner husband, please read
    A way to get a deeper feeling understanding of the bell and/or your (inner) husband you could use “Being the person or thing” and/or “Talking as a dream character”
    Anna 🙂

-wendy 2015-08-03 23:40:05

I had a dream of someone pulling rope for the bell to ring and top of a wall there was a Virgin Mary..what can that mean because it get crazy a man was with me then he pass way..
can you help me? Thank you

-Cindy Nitche 2014-10-11 18:12:30

Hi Tony, I was searching your site for this answer and didn’t see it. Many times, in random dreams, I will hear my telephone ring, only 1 or 2 rings, never anymore than that. It has nothing to do with the rest of the content of my dream. Thank you, Cindy

    -Tony Crisp 2014-10-12 8:30:17

    Cindy – Your dream suggests that someone or some part of you is trying to get your attention and wishes to communicate with you.

    I suggest you imagine answering the telephone, but do it using the method


      -H 2017-10-22 4:10:44

      I have just had a dream about a large bell in a stone tower, when it all caved in the staircase was blocked but back outside the bell was upright kn the ground. The man (well known tv show character who caused the collapse by throeing a large hammer into the ceiling) whod been chasing me was missing both arms (someone else in the fream cut them off with a sword and hadnt died but appeared from behind this bell still chasing me. The bell is silent and undamaged.
      Its haunting me now im awake and feel unnerved

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