If something or someone is below you in a dream you might be feeling superior, or you are looking back on something, like looking back on the past. If you have climbed to somewhere, then what you are looking back on is a more inclusive viewpoint.

Something you feel is ‘beneath you or what is ‘below’ in the body – so the non intellectual aspects of self. Something one can now look back on from a detached viewpoint. If below something else it could suggest a feeling of being in an inferior position or observing someone or something you look up to. See above.

You could also, depending on what you are doing in the dream, have a birds eye view, giving a wider awareness of what you are viewing. Without understanding what is below you it may lead to misunderstanding what is seen.

Example: I have a view that looks over houses, and below is a market square. I say, presumably to the woman, what a marvellous view, and think what an excellent photograph it would make if only there was someone in the foreground. Then I see a young woman in the square, with a baby in a pushchair. She is attractive. Her baby falls out and gets dirty, and she ignores it, and I feel that despite her attractiveness, this side of her is repulsive. There is a greengrocer’s shop on the left of the square, run by Arabs or Pakistanis. One of their children throws something at someone in the square. People throw things back. Then the Arab parents come out, and do not at first realised their children started it.

If you are falling from a height then the ground, or what is below you, is vitally important. See Nothing Can Hurt You in Your Dreams.

You could be below the surface of water, and the meaning depends on what is felt about this; is it an emergency or is it an exploration? See swimming pool.

Example: When I got to the pool I found it was covered with glass, and although my dog Tramp now came to the surface, he could still not breathe due to the glass. I quickly pushed the glass away, and was about to dive in and feel around in gloomy water, when I saw Tramp just below the surface. I pulled him out. He was drowned and stiff, but I gave him artificial respiration, and he came to life.

I use so many examples to show the many ways the word can be used in ones dreams.

Example: Dreamt we, as a family were walking along a road. To our left was a steep cliff falling away at the roads edge. My young son fell down the cliff. He was only a baby, and we thought he was dead. Then I went to a nearby house and phoned police. I went back to the cliff. We could hear crying from far below and so felt Mark was not dead. I, or someone, was lowered down on a rope to bring him up.

Idioms: Beneath my contempt; It’s below my standards; a notch below; below the poverty line; notch below.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How has below been used in my dream?

Is there any connection with my recent feelings or thoughts?

If the dream has a negative ending what can I do to improve it?

See carry the dream forward.

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