Almost half the dreams on file that mention abdomen, belly or stomach, show the dreamer being shot, as in the example below. This is obviously to do with a particular type of hurt. When human beings learned to stand up, they exposed their vulnerable underbelly. If we are hurt or threatened we tense the pelvic and abdominal area. The sort of hurt referred to is that related to when we might be deeply criticised, feel badly wronged or slandered. This area often feels the pain of a broken relationship too.

Example: ‘The people watching are saying ‘Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!’ Then someone finds an extra bullet, puts it in the gun and shoots me in the stomach. I wake with my body completely straight with my hands on my stomach. I feel my whole body cracking up inside.’ Vanessa. LBC

Vanessa wakes to just such tension, with a sense of her body being fragmented. In her dream Vanessa was re-enacting a disaster in which a man rampaged and shot down many people, and she was feeling the fear it engendered. See Nothing Can Hurt You in Your Dreams.

Very often has to do with vulnerability, but also sensual feelings, passions, hungers, the physical side of self. Or in body dream may refer to an internal organ. See: Abdomen; Digestion; Absorb.

Here is a woman’s take on bellly.

Example: I then walked on down the street to another shop where Jared was working. I gave him the pin. He was overcome by my kindness. He hugged me a lot. I felt his pot belly and his flaccid penis. I started to feel like it was time to move on.

Example: I was looking at my belly button. There was a good three inches of cord sticking out. The end of it was red and raw. Cassie A.

Cassie had been in a long dependent relationship which she had recently broken. She felt at the time of the dream she was having to stand alone and do things for herself. The end of her relationship felt like a ripping apart, and thus the sore cord. See Umbilical.

If your dream is about pregnancy in any way see Pregnant in my dream; Pregnancy; Woman’s Creative Power.

Example: I felt sick between my throat and belly, staying with what was happening I felt a black tar like substance it felt like it lined part if the inside of the cord it was thick and dense and I felt it was something I had been dealing with all my life. It felt like it went along way back ancestral or beyond and I felt emotional. As I staying with the image the dense heavy blackness something started to move in my belly, a bubble type ball of energy came out from the blackness into my hands. It felt like I was like a baby inside, holding the energy bringing it out up my body then taken back in through my mouth like eating its own tail, a complete circle moving slowing down my body transforming the blackness as it went. I became the Tsunami in my dream, and it I saw it as levels of attachments that you identify with. It was like being in a room but you are not a room having things in the room. But I am letting go of stories of my self. I am not the story but have lived through it , I realise with wonder that I am the energy of the Tsunami the energy of everything. The blackness transformed in this wonderful energy.

As I made my way home I felt very ‘in the moment’. I experienced waves of people all colours, cultures shapes and sizes. On the bus the conversations behaviors, I could see myself in it all, the  buildings cars traffic lights all connected.

Here B. explored her dream of being a huge tsunami and the blackness in her belly.

Another exploration to clean the gunk out of her belly.

Example: I sit down and and as I tune in I receive the message, ‘Your old stories are defunct.’

Tony then gets me to do REM, moving my open eyes quickly down from top left to bottom right and then going within. I feel that to cleanse the gunge that lies deep in my belly, instead of pulling at the rope we could insert a hollow tube through my mouth and have water come in and cleanse that way. I do REM in the oposite direction from top right to bottom left.

As it has been there for quite some time it is quite hard to remove and I become aware that to do so could mean the whole structure will fall apart. Tony assures me that it is safe to let it die. As the water continues to jet onto the filler I become aware of a new born life form which has been protected by the structure. Its skin is slightly mottled and I become acutely aware of its breathing and the strong sense of magic pervading from and all around the creature. The creature lies in a crib in the centre of a room, alert, curious, enchanted and I am fascinated by this incredible discovery. From death new life miraculously arises! Beneath the man made structure behold a faery child! I reconnected with the magic that lies at my very core; the newness, the freshness, the playfulness and innocence. I am renewed! Untouched, at the centre, whole, safe, breathing, alive, wondrous beating heart, coupled with the capacity to come to each moment afresh and be fascinated by what I discover. This is my birthright! Tara

Being hit in the belly: This might be related to criticisms you have received, or some kind of felt hurt.

Laying down on belly: Sometimes represents a way of crawling away from attack or of remaining hidden.

A doctor puts his hand on my belly: A healing or examination of some sort – or even sexual feelings. If ther eis any information given about you belly give it serious thought.

Light or a spirit entering your belly: This sometimes happens in a woman’s dream and signifies a wonderful child will be born to you. You child can result in physical birth or be a dream child.

Escape from the belly of – or being in – the whale or big sea creature: This is usually the sign or a great change in your life, and it relates to what is called The Night Sea Journey. It is a journey into the experience of entering what was previously unknown or unconscious within you;  a search for self. See archetype of the night journey.

Shot in the belly: something to do with sex, a painful response to relationship, or feeling a target of someone’s verbal or emotional attack.

Dreaming of grapes near a woman’s belly: A woman dreaming of this can believe that she might be pregnant.

Idioms: belly up; belly up to the bar; yellow belly; belly aching; have a bellyful; eyes bigger than one’s belly; have a strong stomach; turn one’s stomach; butterflies in stomach.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Does this relate to issues with the abdomen area?

Is there in the dream and sensuality, passion or maybe hungers in general?

What is the theme of the dream?

Have you felt hurt or attacked recently?

What feelings were evident in the dream?

Try using Easy Dream Interpretation.


-Kennisha 2016-09-05 13:24:12

Hi, I’m pregnant very early like 10 weeks. After a fall I had a dream that my baby was trying to rip through my stomach like it was really trying to come out. Since then I have not felt pregnant anymore and am worried. Before then I had a happy dream that I had my baby and we were home and everything was OK.

-Mandy 2016-09-02 19:15:57

I dreamt that a little girl buttoned my pants but pulled them down a little and lifted up my shirt to show me my belly. ?????

-Pundit 2016-08-20 15:32:33

In my dream I felt that a dark or semi dark thing entering my abdomen and rush up all the way to my throat. It was so realistic that I woke up. After that I am beating my rug with a pillow asking them is this how you protect me? What is being conveyed here I wonder!

-Ressa 2016-04-25 13:57:30

I had a dream that my unborn literally force himself out of my stomach and he was so strong .
He ripped thru my stomach, i am 33 weeks pregnant

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-04-29 8:37:47

    Dear Ressa – One of the functions of dreaming is that a dream can be an expression of what is happening in your physical body.
    That is also the way I understand your dream.
    Your unborn child must have been kicking and if you watch this video you can understand why you created a dream in which your unborn child rips through your stomach;
    Anna 🙂

-jason 2016-01-27 9:45:09

What would it mean if you experience you’re stomach hurt really bad and u can’t make it stop this have happen to me 3 time as in the pass week or so


-Dorsey 2016-01-13 18:56:01

I had a dream about punching my 8 year old son in the tummy. His stomach appeared to be an adult male’s (slightly larger than a teens, 6 pack abs, like something you’d see on a male bodybuilder or fitness model) When i punched, the stomach never moved, never dented in or bruised. Please, what is the meaning of such a dream.
Thanks in advance 🙂

-Eva 2015-08-25 21:08:20

What would it mean if you dream about seeing something moving around in your belly? The same way a baby’s foot moving around in the belly can be seen from outside.
Thanks in advance

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-08-27 17:13:26

    Dear Eva – In a way you have already answered your own question “The same way a baby’s foot moving around in the belly can be seen from outside”.
    What did you feel when you became aware of this “Something” moving around in your belly?
    I trust you have excluded the possibility of being pregnant in your waking life and so I believe it means that something is developing inside you;
    a new area of your potential or personality developing; a deepening relationship with your potential is producing a new area of experience, talent or facet of your personality. It is still unexpressed but is developing; a new scheme or creative idea ‘hatching’.

    This can point to the development of a new approach to life, a new project you are creating, a new outlet of expression, or new faculty.
    So please read
    Anna 🙂

      -Eva 2015-08-30 16:26:21

      Thanks for replying, I appreciate it! Actually I delivered my baby almost 4 months ago and had this dream just recently.

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