Bird Birds

This a big entry and is in three parts, the general information first part. The second Bird Situations – and the third Different Birds.

The life cycle of a bird has so many similarities with important human stages of growth we frequently use birds to represent parts of our own deeply felt experience.

In general the bird in your dream can depict imagination, intuition, the mind, freedom from restraints, thoughts or hidden wishes or hopes, or your longings to move beyond limitations or boundaries, or even love or a lover. Because the word is sometimes used to indicate a woman, it can have that meaning – i.e. a ‘bird’.

The meaning depends on the context in which the bird appears in the dream. So in some dreams, especially if the bird is flying high, or you identify and become the bird, it can show an expanded awareness or a greater insight into your life and the meaning of your life. This type of dream usually appears as a large bird that can fly high. This is because wider – or spiritual – awareness is like a higher, overall view of things.

Meeting this enlarged awareness may be painful or frightening as we approach it. The enlargement of what you experience is a form of growth and brings new possibilities, all of which can strip away old ways of life and relationship. This expansion of our viewpoint, the uplift of our emotions or mind, can be a link between the world we experience with our physical senses, and the deep world of our often unconscious passions, intuitions and insights.

But in some dreams birds are messengers – For instance a swallow is a symbol of spring, a rooster can be symbolic of a new day (or a new beginning), doves can be symbolic of love, a relationship or peace, and so forth. Both crows and vultures are symbolic of a “death” or the ending of something.

Bird Situations

A big or huge bird: The power of the collective mind or unconscious. It shows you leaving the limited view of the three dimensional world most of us are trapped in, and enter a world beyond time and space. Imagine you are going to communicate with a part of yourself that has an unlimited amount of information and influence to share with you. What this dimension of yourself gives you will be in direct response to what you ask. So the question, interest or urgent drive in you will be the factor shaping the response.

It may uplift or be felt as threatening; something that can protect or be felt as a threat. If felt as a threat remember that dreams are like computer game, nothing can actually harm you, see Wider awareness – Dream as Computer Game – Personal Unconscious.

Big birds often appear in dreams and the huge bird in the house means contact with a lesser used ability you have, one of being able to have a wider view of who you are and the world you live in. But it is also an invitation to learn to fly with or separate from the bird. You can learn to fly; it is a great way of overcoming fears.

‘During childhood I learned to fly in a long sequence of dreams. Each linked very clearly to the last. I would go to the nearby churchyard and in the beginning I would run along as fast as I could then jump and just manage to extend the jump by a great effort of will. In subsequent practices I managed to gradually extend the jump for many yards; and eventually I could skim along indefinitely. The next stage though was to extend my flight height, and this took enormous effort of will and body. I made active swimming motions and climbed, but only held altitude with great and constant concentration. With further practice still, this clumsy mode of flying was left behind as I learned to use pure motivation, decision or will to lift me into the air and carry me easily and gracefully wherever I wished. At this stage my flying was swift, mobile and without struggle.’ See Flying

Baby bird: It can refer to your children, or to your own childhood memories. Coming out of the shell is a very powerful experience for us as babies. Facing the enormousness of physical experience with all it wonder and dangers is something we have faced. And don’t live with the belief that babies cannot remember such early memories, because it has been shown they do. See Lumpkin – The Baby Who Became Tony

Bird attacking: Fear of ideas, ideals or opinions; verbal or mental (suggestions or suggestive behaviour) attack by others; fear of going beyond ones narrow boundaries. Be daring and face the restrain that holds you back.

Bird descending: A wider view or experience becoming known to you, or becoming available. In practical terms this may be experienced as inspiration or new insights regarding work or creativity, or a bursting of ones previous views or concepts into a wider insight.

Bird in house: Hope that something interesting or new will enter ones life; a wish for new love; a new idea; an intuition or precognition; a new person or event entering your life; or something trapped in you that seeks freedom.

Black or carrion birds: Because such birds often feed on dead animals, they have the association with death or news of death. This may not be connected with someone dying, but perhaps that some project, love or aspect of yourself is being left to die; feelings or fears about death. Or it could be about something you are unaware of but is on the edge of consciousness.

Bluebird: Especially represents the personality or flight of the soul after death. But it can also show the flight of awareness into new or wider experience. The colour gives it a link with the heavens and it is therefore a symbol of your own ability to reach a wider awareness – the spiritual. See Definition of Spirit.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What way am I relating to the bluebird?

Do I feel anything on seeing the bird?

Have I been meditating or doing something uplifting recently?

Dead bird: Threat to ideals or hopes of freedom; feeling life is only material; ones spirit feeling defeated or crushed. Also a loss of sense of beauty or meaning in life; an ideal or hope has died; a flight of imagination or creativity has fallen.

Eggs in a nest: The nest and eggs are saying that you have created inside of you a sort of womb. not for a baby, but for a huge but unexpressed self. You have a huge but latent potential, it is maybe beginning to show in your present life, but will certainly emerge as the eggs are hatched.

Feather: See: feathers.

Fighting birds: Family disputes; arguments about viewpoints.

Flock of birds: Sometimes shows you feeling a deeply intuitive sense of connection with thousands of others, all being moved by life itself flowing through you. Describing his recovery from feelings of being ill at ease within herself, Gloria writes:

As this occurred I had a wonderful sense of being a lovely bird that has been in some way ill all its life. This meant it never flew when the flock took flight. Instead, to deal with its own difficulty it felt feelings of not wanting to fly like the others, of not wanting to be like them and do the meaningless things they do. But with the healing came the realisation I could fly, and I took wing and joined the flock. Now I am a creature of spirit, which I have always been, and I asked the Light to help me learn the ways of ‘flying’ in the spirit.

It can also point to how you add your influence to others socially.

Flying: Rising above something; an escape from a feeling of being trapped, or some fear; independence; freedom; self expression; ones love or thoughts winging its way to someone. The sexual act – possibly because during sex we may feel released and uplifted.

Hatching from the egg: Our birth and infancy; rebirth. Something new and uplifting coming into your life, or coming to life in you.

In cage: Feelings of being restricted or trapped; holding back love or inspiration; safety in restriction. If there are positive feelings around the caged bird, it might suggest the need to withhold love or freedom, but it could suggest feeling trapped in a relationship, especially if there are two birds in the cage.

Leaving nest: Gaining independence; meeting change or leaving a dependent relationship.

Making nest: Home building; parental urges; partnership if with another bird.

Nest: Home; family environment; security; even the womb.

The baby bird: Our own childhood, as in the following example. The old lady in the second example is once more reference to the mother, who the bird is first connected with before moving on to the difficulty of independence.

Freud said the bird represents the male phallus, and flying means the sexual act. Many languages use the word ‘bird’ to mean woman. In Italy it alludes to penis. The bird is also used to denote a sense of death and survival.

The example shows Pauline using the bird to depict her own urge to be independent of her mother’s influence, opinions, likes, dislikes and decisions. Later in the dream her mother hands Pauline the ribbon to hold, suggesting an offer of independence.

Example: ‘I was standing outside the house of my teens, with my mother. She had a very young bird on a long ribbon and the bird was flying very high in the sky. As soon as she lets go the ribbon, a huge black bird attacks the ribboned one.’ Pauline.

The ribbons are a reference to Pauline’s own girlhood. When she lets go of her girlhood, moving toward independent womanhood, she feels threatened by her internal feelings of guilt – i.e. a child feels guilty if it acts differently to what its mother wants. This is the black bird. To become independent we have to find a way of doing what we wish despite this internalised mother. (Internalised means all the standards, self controls she learned from her life with her mother, she now carries within her as her own urges even if absent from her mother.)

Example: ‘An old lady made room for me to sit at the end of one of the three seats of a bus. As we drove away a very large chicken size baby bird flew in. It had short stubby wings and yellow down, but flew expertly. I believe it first landed on the lady and chirped squeakily. But in it’s squeaks it actually spoke, saying it had lost it’s mother. It sounded as if it were crying.’ Andrew.

This dream is clearly about Andrew becoming aware that at some time he felt abandoned by his mother, and this part of him needs helping to grow into greater independence.

Wild bird: An untamed freedom of feelings and mind. If it has landed on you it shows how a new and wonderful attitude or ability has opened in you. If you feel love for the bird it is what has brought about the change in you – the love of or ability to free yourself so you can fly – you can let you feelings and creativity become enormously more effective.

White birds: We all have several levels or floors of our awareness. The ground floor is our every day awareness, limited to our brains memories, limited to today and this life. But we were all seeds planted in our mother’s womb, and all seed carry the memory of the past growth in them, and our seed is thelatest that started from the beginning if life on our earth. So at the level if that enormous memory, we have enormous instinctive information gathered over millions of years, but only dreams has access to it unless we have dug deep into our awareness. The white birds represent this wider or huge awareness. But access it you need to explore the image of the bird by using Being the Person or Thing

Different Birds

blackbird or black bird Unconscious urges. At times we may relate to enormous waves of feeling in an anxious way, and this relationship of anxiety may be represented by a black bird. The bird may be shown attacking something or oneself because that is how we relate to the emotions or energies – i.e. we feel attacked by them. The black bird can also link with feelings about death, the negative aspect of mother, or something unconscious that we are becoming aware of.

chicken If being eaten suggests nourishment. Otherwise a female, or the female in a male; being ‘chicken’ or scared.

Example: A large cockerel was amongst them and to my amused pleasure began immediately to chase the hens. They all ran madly away. My father was there now and said the chickens wouldn’t lay with that chicken chasing them. I said it wasn’t a chicken that a cockerel, and they would soon calm down. My mother now came. I said the chickens would stop running eventually because the cockerel was bigger than they. She said, no, it wasn’t the size, but the manner and attitude of his approach. She meant it caused an instinctive responses them.

When I explored the dream I realised that of course. I am a cockerel that is inwardly a chicken. I am chicken because I won’t see my own homosexuality. I am chicken because I have made myself a passive female. My mother says it is not the size, its the – inner – attitude. Of course, my inner attitude, as a chicken, is changing. I have been the size of a cockerel, but with the soul of a chicken – female.

The cockeral: a male or the male sexual characteristics; confidence.

The hen: The female,  sometimes shown in male behaviout; mother; motherhood; being immersed in motherhood concerns and perhaps not having a life beyond that.

Chicks: This is a reference either to your own babyhood and feelings or events associated with it, or to external baby or babies. This may at times point to vulnerable people or assets.

Example: ‘An old lady made room for me to sit at the end of one of the three seats of a bus. As we drove away a very large chicken size baby bird flew in. It had short stubby wings and yellow down but flew expertly. I believe it first landed on the lady and chirped squeakily. But in it’s squeaks it actually spoke, saying it had lost its mother. It sounded as if it were crying.’ Andrew.

This dream is clearly about Andrew becoming aware that at some time he felt abandoned by his mother, and this part of him needs helping to grow into greater maturity and independence. See Ages of Love

Idioms: chicken feed; chicken hearted; she’s no chicken; cock of the walk; don’t count your chicks/chickens before they are hatched..

crow rook raven Being carrion birds, and so often seen near corpses, they are linked with death or feelings about death; bad news; fear; unconscious feelings. Some people see them as associated with death, mostly because that is how they are used in films. But crows are a group bird and are supportive of their fellows.

It can at times depict the negative aspect of father. The dark intelligence in underhanded people or animals; forces in life that seem to have intelligent direction yet are not outwardly visible.

cormorant Intellectual ideas that have the power to dig deep and bring up unconscious wisdom. Because the cormorant is used to dive and catch fish, it might suggest you are practising some form of introspection or self examination.

crane Inner feelings about wholeness; good luck. The ability to deal harmoniously with the libido or energy within.

cuckoo Wanting to, or feeling your partner is, having sex outside your relationship; pregnant with child from another man than ones partner.

dove Peace; lacking aggressiveness; awareness of one’s potential; religious experience; relatedness. See: religion and dreams.

duck Because a duck can fly and also dive under water it can represent both your ability to raise your awareness, to expand your mind and horizons, and also to look into what is hidden under the surface of life. And its ability to float and swim on the surface of water shows it can survive in the conscious mind.

Idioms can also suggest other meanings such as sitting duck, like a duck takes to water, dead duck and lame duck.

eagle buzzard hawk Sometimes the hunting, providing parent; dominance; a male figure; an uplifting power of feelings or ideas; a protective influence; a threatening influence. Often the ability to develop an integrated vision or perception out of a wide range of experience. This is because the height of the bird and its steady gaze give it unusual perception and wide awareness.

Idioms: Watch like a hawk; eagle eyed.

feather or feathers See: feather.

goose/geese Freedom; your soul; wanderlust; foolishness or group conformity. In some cases you might use the goose as a symbol for life long relationship.

hawk Often a messenger or a far seeing creature. Because it flies high it had an overview of what it surveys. It can therefore signify the spirit or the flight of the soul.

heron A heron is a very still bird and often stands for ages looking into the water. So in your dream it may signify patience and the ability to look deeply into you. As such it may show you things about yourself that are very important.

It catches fish, meaning it brings up things that are usually hidden and are for your personal growth and nourishment. To explore its deeper meaning see Techniques for Exploring your Dreams

owl Because the owl sees in the dark it represents our intuitive sense that ‘sees’ what is happening in the subtle areas of our feeling and experience. This sense ‘feeds’ by watching or acting as an integrating function with the many dark or hidden aspects of our experience and behaviour. Because this part of our mental process is aware of the hidden activities in the depths of our body and mind, it can initiate our conscious self into the mysteries of life and death. If one can imagine having a council of all living things, we would all have in common the drive to reproduce, and there would be huge links of understanding regarding care and rearing of young and perhaps of love for mate. The unconscious seems to have a sense of this synthesis of all life, and the owl, representing it, speaks with this sort of collective wisdom; a wise advisor.

Because the owl as a dream symbol is an actual doorway to the usually hidden side of life, we may sometimes feel fear or danger in regard to it. In some mythologies the owl was connected with death, and might act as a messenger regarding the death of a family member. For instance in Jewish tradition it is unlucky to dream of an owl, but okay to dream of any other bird.

Example: ‘I was standing with my wife at the end of the garden of the house I lived in as a child. We were looking over the fence to the rising meadow beyond. She said, ‘Look at that bird in the tree there.’ On our right, in a small ash tree, an enormous owl perched. It was at least four feet high, the biggest bird I have ever seen. I recognised it in the dream as a greater hooded owl, which was not native to our country. I was so excited I ran into the house to telephone someone – zoo, police, newspapers? – to tell them about the bird. I cannot remember contacting anyone, but felt the bird was there in some way to meet me. Also it was hungry and looking at next door’s bantams. So I wondered what I could give it to eat.’ David P.

This shows the positive side of David’s relationship with his wife. The garden represents the behaviour boundaries which arose from his childhood. But he is growing – the garden – and looking beyond them through his marriage. The amazing bird is the deep feelings he touches because he has a mate like any other natural creature. Out of his mating he becomes aware of drives to build a home – nest – and give himself to his mate. These are natural and are a part of his unconscious or spiritual nature. The bird is a hooded owl which can see in the dark – the unconscious – meaning David is realising things he had never ‘seen’ before. The bird is masked, because David through loving is learning to put his ego aside, which is a necessity for touching the wider dimension of life or the unconscious. The hunger of the bird shows an intimate detail of what David has learned from his wife. She had been working as a waitress and bringing home pieces of chicken for him, saved from her own meal. The spiritual side of David wants to develop this quality of self-giving, which his wife’s love had helped him see.

Idioms: Wise old owl; wisdom of the owl; night owl; owlish – looking wise or solemn. See aura; spiritual life in dreams.

parrot Repeating without judgement what others have said; accepting or copying something without evaluating it. Ability to speak.

peacock Pride; self display; vanity; the desire to be more attractive; sometimes the same as phoenix.

In some cultures the peacock represent the soul or psyche – ones sense of self with all ones individual memories and characteristics. Because the peacock could shed all its beautiful feathers and then grow them again, early Christians saw it as a symbol of resurrection and immortality.

As the peacock is a male bird displaying for the sake of a mate, it can also obviously represent male sexuality in its proud, ostentatious or displaying mode.

Example: There were trees and a grassy patch of ground. A dog was having puppies. But a great flock of small black birds emerged running and skimming over the grass. I heard myself remark, “They are smaller than the others and there are more of them.” Then, from among the trees emerged a large peacock, tail half raised. The dream left me feeling that from small things could emerge something large and beautiful. Mrs E. E.

penguin The penguin hardly ever appears in dreams, or in fact in literature generally, so I have not been able to gather from people’s dreams how they use this symbol. From common associations however, it is likely to represent foolishness; a difficult life situation; coldness in relationships. Because of recent studies of the penguin and the major National Geographic film, the penguin might now depict lasting love and wonderful care and survival skills.

It can also represent something the rare and unusual.

phoenix The ability to find a new impulse, new strength, new growth even in death; the power in oneself to transform the dying, depressed, dark and desperate into new endeavour and growth.

sparrow The ordinary but living parts of you that are special.

stork The soul; symbol of birth or babyhood, and perhaps parenthood; the beauty of the wider awareness of the unconscious.

swallow It promises the ability of a mind that can easily move and shift perspectives and so see different peoples view points, and alo a mind that is intuitive.

swan Grace; beauty; dignity. In mythology often represents the psyche or soul and its connection with a spiritual world; the side of human nature usually hidden because unconscious, often referred to as the spiritual – meaning the consciousness of connection with all life.

The swan in your dream may be linked with an ending of something due to the association with ‘the swan song’ – a final act. It can also suggest amorousness, or the ideal of love in sexuality, and as such may represent virginity or a blend of male and female.

vulture A relative waiting for you to die – or vice versa; people around you trying to live on you – or vice versa; difficult feelings about dependants; an environment of ill will or hopelessness.

white bird Anything white usually depicts thoughts and feeling that are inspirational or uplifting. They are often shown as similar to the white Pegasus, the lower sexual energies lifted into a power of wider awareness.

Wren or very small bird: A vulnerable but exciting intuition – something unusual and valuable entering  your awareness.

Example: My dog looked keenly passed me, excitedly. I began to feel a build-up of excitement and “presence”. This feeling of presence became very intense, so that I knew the woman was now here in spirit. It was unmistakable. At the height of this a tiny bird, like a Wren, flew out of a wall or hedge, and I knew this was the spirit of the woman reborn. I knew that all was well, as she was now spiritually reborn.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Idioms: A bird; Charm the birds from the trees; a bird told me; the bird has flown; bird in the hand; bird of ill omen; free as a bird; odd bird.

Is the bird in my dream expressing any of the important stages of growth such as babyhood, leaving the nest, or making a nest?

What quality or attitude is the bird expressing and how does that relate to me?

What is the rest of the dream indicating about the bird?

Definitely try using Talking As and Processing Dreams.


-Mel 2018-06-14 0:54:53

Hi. I had a dream last night and all day it’s been haunting me. I was in an office high rise and people in suits were advising me. We were late to a meeting and they were talking fast. It was getting dark outside but I saw a flock of large black birds flying by close to the window so I ran to the window to watch them fly away. No one else seemed to notice them. They were huge. They had white feather collars. They felt significant and the meeting I was late for seemed suddenly insignificant. Hoping black birds don’t stand for death….

    -Tony Crisp 2018-06-15 9:58:27

    Mel – No, not death, for nothing ever dies in the universe, it just changes its way of expressing – like and icicles dies when it melts and becomes water. So when our body dies – ashes to ashes and dust to dust – we shift to Consciousness/Life which we were all the time – for our Life process took the dust and formed a body, then discarded it.

    But the black birds probably represent messages that remain unconscious/black because you are not listening to your intuition. The white collar is like the Eastern symbol of yin yang have a dot of white in the black, and a dot of black in the white, for everything is dual and partakes of the quality of the opposite – death in life and life in death. See

-Debby 2018-06-09 21:53:41

I am hoping you can help. I had a dream that woke me up. I was moving, I think I was driving a car, and a large raven , black bird was soaring toward the car. I could see it far away and as it reaches the windshield. It soared over top the car.
I instantly woke up, not scared but with a gasping breath. clearly remembering The dream.
Any guesses on the interpretation of this dream?
I did an internet search not much that I thought applied.

    -Tony Crisp 2018-06-11 10:20:19

    Debby – When something gets nearer to us in a dream, it means that it is moving nearer to you becoming aware of a new idea, realisation or aspect of you.

    I wonder what you felt as the blackbird soared over the car; was it scared, exhilarated, or maybe puzzled? For feelings are real clues to a dreams meaning.

    I sounds as if the bird represents a new realisation or idea that is presenting itself but you failed to make it conscious.

    That is not unusual because as a person you are a tiny spark of consciousness, a little bit of self awareness riding an incredibly ancient animal you call your body. Remember that your body has formed from cells and genetic information that has gradually developed over millions of years. It holds that information in it unconsciously. No plant or creature grows from a dead seed, and each living seed carries within it all the past gathered from all its forebears. So, the seed in your mother’s womb is as old as and even older than human kind, and you carry that wisdom or memories in you. But in this life you developed a new brain, and the memories you gathered this time are what you built your personality from, but beneath that is a very ancient self.

    So it is, as I said, not unusual that we are shown new part of us in our dreams but failed to make them fully conscious. But you might be able to remedy that by using

-June 2018-05-31 3:42:46

Just found you.already love you.
Had a dream last night of a hawk who put an owl on his back to take him to see a friend, I then became the owl. I was not afraid of the hawk we spoke to each other as easy friends would. He took me to see another bird who had a lot of baby birds. Thoughts.

    -Tony Crisp 2018-06-01 9:52:47

    June – In dreams there is a marked difference between the meaning of an owl and a hawk. Because owls can see in the dark they can represent your intuition, the things you often miss seeing or knowing.

    The hawk represents the ability fly high and have an overview or oversight or keen vision of what is going on in your life, a view you cannot get from a ‘close up’ of your life. But a hawk is also a hunter, and so represents your ability to search for answers.

    I am not sure, but the two together gives you a wonderful mixture if intuition and oversight. I wonder whether you us these abilities? See and

-Rachel 2018-05-29 20:58:41

I had a terrifying dream about 3-4 months ago of a huge black bird similar to a vulture landing in the middle of our bed. I screamed and fell off the bed. My husband jumped up wondering what was it, I told him something was on the bed a black bird and he shook the comforter and sheets. By then I was coming to my awake senses and realized it was a dream but still had a sense of fear in me as I got back in bed and fell asleep with worry.

    -Tony Crisp 2018-05-31 7:58:51

    Rachel – While we dream we exist in a completely different world/dimension. In the world of dreams whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen, so that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so, all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.

    Also, in this dream world, every feeling and thought changes and creates different environments and events. So, because you felt fear you created the event of you falling out of bed as if this dream image could hurt you.

    Whether we remember or not, each time we sleep we create an apparently real world out of our remembered impressions, habits and emotions. As the stage managers of our inner theatres, we have the most abundant props, costumes and backdrops imaginable. Yet, because a dream is our own creation, no part of it, no emotion contained in it, no flight of fancy portrayed, is other than oneself.

    So, your dreams are a magic mirror that reflects nothing but your own beliefs, worries, fears, wisdom and even genius. To do this it creates characters, situations and drama that are all reflections of your own inner world. All the images and drama, along with the emotions you feel are simply you looking at yourself. Most of it we do not recognise because we are so blind to our failings and of course our wonder.

    The question therefore is, why are you so scared when you think about large birds – vultures. Are you scared of thoughts of death? Please see

-Anne 2018-05-21 21:55:16

In my dream a bird of paradise flew onto the top of my head. The bird then began to dance. I could feel the vibrations on the top of my head as their feathers whirred away. A thought came in the dream that they must be a male bird performing the dance to attract a mate. They would stop momentarily and then start up again. Was unsure of what species they were as they had flown so quickly on to me. Puzzling over this dream I’m remembering how as a child Mum had looked after an injured bird of paradise.

-Li 2018-05-11 16:14:16

A guy I’ve freshly started dating said he dreamt of a skinny bird flying inside of the room we were sleeping in and he wanted to keep it. Any thoughts?

-Diamond 2018-05-05 16:07:35

Hello! So to get right into it, I had this dream where I remember pointing up at a brown sky where maybe thousands of blackbirds were migrating. Suddenly, all of the birds became one large black bird that took up a large portion of the sky, and descended higher and higher as one. I remember someone telling me it was normal, but I told them that it was not. Any interpretations? Thanks!

-pamela 2018-04-27 23:38:33

My son and I have been fans of your Dream book for years. It has helped both of us learn wisdom and guidance from our dreams that has helped us in our lives. Learning from nightmares has been extremely helpful and we both rarely have them now because we have learned from them. I want to thank you for the many gifts your book and web site have given us.

I could not remember all the details of my dream last night but at least a few symbols that stood out. I found a nest of large eggs and knew I needed to care for them so they could hatch safely. I also remember seeing a large bird that landed in a large pine tree. I was trying to figure out if it was a hawk or an eagle. As I looked closer, I saw the white feathers of a bald eagle. I love eagles and hawks. The nest, eggs and eagle were all positive discoveries for me.

I am focusing on “coming out of my shell” as a painter. I also am researching the art world to get a bigger picture of what art I want to pursue. There are many choices today. I also am aware I need to protect my creativity from criticism and pressures from others who will either try to sabotage your creative goals or try to control you. I am trying to grow inwardly to feel a sense of independence and freedom to explore artistic expression as I choose. After reading your symbols about birds, nests, eggs and hawk/eagle, I see I am growing into a good place to explore and express myself creatively and to protect my creativity as well.

I am extremely grateful to your research about dreams. Your dream is my favorite. You have given a great gift to humanity. I think dream work should be taught to everyone from childhood.

I can’t thank you enough

    -Pamela 2018-04-27 23:42:29

    My apologies for the typo – Your Dream Book is my favorite of all the dream books I have read. My son would have a distressing dream and ask me to borrow your dream book so he could figure out what he needed to learn. It is his favorite dream book too.

    Again, we both thank you!

    -Tony Crisp 2018-04-29 10:19:48

    Pamela – I think so too, but today’s education is often aimed at a commercial future.

    As an artist you are already trying to express your inner vision, but don’t try too hard but open to what is already within you that is about to hatch ?.

    I have added a comment under the Eagle dream.


-R Miller 2018-04-24 8:33:09

Last night I dreamt that I was standing up high over an Ancient (Egyptian)? city. I am unsure what I was standing on but the city was very peaceful and I was very calmed. The mountains surrounding part of the city were a strong Lush green and it were as if it were the end corner if the world. A beautiful mix off all colours were the backdrop behind the mountains but the sky was a bright blue, no clouds and sun beaming down.
The main part of the city was desert like with white houses and terracotta roofs.
I looked to my right, next to me was this overly huge bird of prey. Looked pretty much like a Golden Eagle. It’s presence felt powerful and felt like it wanted to show/tell me something. I looked into his eye but it never made eye contact with me. I’m unsure if I flew with the bird or if I changed in to the bird. I had to control myself to not fly off in to space and I managed to keep a good low height (when I fly in dreams I end up in the darkness of space and it’s scary. Takes a lot of concentration to pull myself back down to Earth)
We flew down to a derelict house in the small city. We got in to the house through the broken roof.
Although it was a bright sunny day, inside the house was all darkened with only a few sun rays coming through. It was quite dusty and sandy and was visible through the sun beams.
We was at the top of the stairs and as we landed the bird changed in to ex boyfriend. We didn’t speak and he didn’t look at me in my eyes. He looked quite heartbroken. We embraced and had a kiss but then I woke up.

    -Tony Crisp 2018-04-25 14:27:13

    RM – A dream full of information.

    You start in an ancient part of your memory. No plant or creature grows from a dead seed, and each living seed carries within it all the past gathered from all its forebears. So, the seed in your mother’s womb is as old as and even older than human kind, and you carry that wisdom or memories in you. But in this life you developed a new brain, and the memories you gathered this time are what you built your personality from, but beneath that is a very ancient self. To explore it see

    The green and multi-colored background means you have the potential of great personal growth and you have already achieved a lot of your growth – but there is more yet. For you are already seeing things overall and not close up.

    The eagle is a massive part of your experience, and because we are all capable of being shape-shifters it is an expression of you, but you cannot meet its gaze because you have set yourself against meeting your own inner sight. See

    The reason is you avoid the blackness of space. Many so called spiritual people constantly look to the light, but that is a mistake, because the very beginning of creation began in darkness for, “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.” He didn’t say anything was bad or evil for God created it. I mention that for those who want another view of it. See

    Out of darkness all things come, and light comes to help us understand what the darkness brings forth. It links your conscious mind with the immense potential you hold within yourself unconsciously. So avoiding the hugeness of space and darkness is fighting against realising your own hugeness.

    Then you meet a derelict house and you enter it through a hole in its roof. This is an image I find in several dreams.

    Example: I suddenly realise I was on the roof of my old home, though it didn’t resemble it at all. Standing there I could see a hole in the roof that allowed me to look down into a room, or an area, that had got walled off as the house was being renovated. I saw things in the room that I knew belonged to me and I planned to get them. This is an important point because, 1) I have dreamt this in various ways many times. 2) Our home was a huge project and never completely finished. So the dreams show these unused areas – sometimes enormous. Also it shows areas or aspects of self that were lost in the past and are now realised.

    The house is darkened in your dream because it is largely unknown to your conscious self – see “beneath that is a very ancient self.”

    I could speculate about the man and the kiss, but contest is the let understanding – namely the ancient past, the avoidance of meeting your own hugeness, the dark house with a hole in its roof, all points to a part of your ancient memory, a great love that you lost and causes you today much sadness – maybe


-Valerie 2018-04-15 17:12:48

I dreamt of a clients party, the windows were opened and a mixed flock of birds came inside they were feeding on cake crumbs. The birds were all around the house and huge windows in the roof had to be opened to let them out. It felt very pleasant and amazing to watch them fly away. One bird allowed someone to stroke it.

-Debasish Debnath 2018-03-19 1:49:48

I have dreamed of this huge bird when I was standing at my backyard. I called for people to have a look at that and no body appeared. I went to bring my mom when she came the bird was not there. Then I discussed the same with a neighbouring aunt(who passed away 10 years ago) she sort of believed it. I can feel it was an evening with dark clouds and moon in the back.
What I can also remember is that I have seen another bird which was also big but not as big as the above mentioned one.

    -Tony Crisp 2018-03-21 12:10:03

    Debasish – Any huge thing means something is having a big affect in your life. Being a bird means it is your ability to see beyond the normal horizons people has, because birds can fly and so can see a huge area not visible to humans, so can see where you are and what is moving toward you. That is not being psychic it is having greater insight.

    Nobody else can see what you see because the bird is not a physical thing, but an inner or mental ability that you can have, But the aunt who either had such ability or believes in it and so understand what you told her. See


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