Bomb Bombing

These often depict an explosive situation that has either happened in the past or is happening at the moment. Other possibilities are of sudden anxiety producing events – as when we say something occurred out of the blue. Such events, past or present, are felt to be devastating and often destroy or change old patterns of behaviour and ways of living. This is shown by the bombs destroying buildings or ones house.

Bombs in dreams can also indicate aggression, fear of death, remembered anxieties of war experience or social bombshells – such as being criticised in the press.

Example: We could hear bombs dropping and exploding. We were just carrying on with our normal activities though. Then I was standing near a big floor to ceiling glass window. I heard a bomb whistling down and it landed just outside. It exploded and the whole house disintegrated, glass was flying around and I was flying through the air from the explosion. I felt like the explosion had taken place in my head and blasted my brains, and I thought although the people near me had got it pretty badly too, that the children, being nearer to the ground, would have avoided the worst of the blast. It was a horrific mess and I knew I had been killed. This didn’t seem to worry me though. At this point I was waking from sleep and found myself thinking I had kept awareness through the whole situation, so there was part of me – an awareness – which did not or had not died. I was left wondering – is that what happens after death, and can one communicate with others in that state? H. C.

This interesting bomb dream occurred just as HC was entering menopause and great changes occurred in herself and her life. A break-up began to occur with her husband as well as external changes in work. So the death suggests the end of the life she knew up till then. The awareness that did not die shows HC experiencing her central self, her core self, that does not die and is not the external personality or body that constantly changes and can die – in other words undergo massive change.

Bomb site: This usually shows major emotional trauma has happened. The bomb site indicates what the trauma has done – devastated some aspect of your feelings or ability to relate easily or deal well with external situations. The example below shows this.

Example: Dreamt I was on a bomb site. I found old shells from the war. I was interested in them and dug them up, but felt that they might explode. Throwing them to one-sided I crawled away sheltering from expected explosions. None came, only smoke. Then a friend offered a basement to Chinese restaurant owner. It was enormous, with great possibilities. I began to work in the basement. Brian.

As Brian explores his inner life through his dreams he comes across damage that occurred in his childhood and youth. The war was the personal inner conflicts he experienced. Meeting these was not as difficult as he had expected. Then, in doing this a whole new area of possibility opened up – the basement, an area of himself that had previously remained unconscious. See: air raid; airplane; Mines; war; .

Idioms: a smart bomb; came as a bombshell; earn a bomb; go down like a bomb; go like a bomb; I feel blitzed; put a bomb under someone.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Does the dream suggest this is in the past or present?

If in the present what are you facing that is either creating anxiety or bringing about great life changes?

If in the past what anxiety or emotional disturbance are you meeting that has its origin in the past?

What do the other parts of the dream suggest this connects with?


-Arpita 2017-02-20 21:07:56

Hey folks.
It’s midnight here. Wide awake since half an hour .i had my nightmare sort of horrible dream at 2 a.m.
I am this person who is very much attached to my family. I pray daily for their luck and life, health be the most important thing. But i have this fear of loosing them, which I know I’ll have to face in the years to come but I also know I wouldn’t be able to face it.
Today I had a nightmare that a recently known friend basically elder to me came home ,after she left I called out for her and ran downstairs towards the street,just then I got a call from a classmate who is a friend, screaming bomb bomb its about to blast.
I don’t remember what I did with my cellphone I tried to run but in no time the bomb exploded. All the elders were upstairs but only I could save my siblings and I woke up. Help me

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